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During the two-day and one-night trip of red brick pudding in Tainan, I probably heard my friends say no less than 10 times. It was exaggerated that they had already bought it on the first day and had eaten 10 boxes/a box. They had to buy it the next day. back to Taipei.

It makes me really full of question marks, except that I have never heard of its name and have never eaten it. I don't understand how attractive it is, so they can't forget to continue the process.

It looks very festive when you enter the shop, and the decoration is very unlike a pudding shop. Except for the pudding you can see when you buy it, you might not even think of what they sell.

There are 7 flavors of pudding, which are three series. The taste and production method are slightly different, and the price is also different. The basic one is NT$40/piece. In fact, it is the common pudding flavor.

It seems to be an award I have won, but I don't understand it if I'm not in the industry. The first reaction I see will feel like it is very powerful.In fact, it is good or not, you still have to eat it, and it also depends on personal taste.

When you choose the flavor you need, the clerk will go to the warehouse refrigerator to take the pudding out and pack it, and pack it in a styrofoam box. It also comes with a reusable ice pack. The ice pack can be iced for about 5-6 hours. Basically There is no problem taking it back to Taipei.

Even though it is not environmentally friendly, the handling of that box is also a bit troublesome. In fact, Banqiao also has their branch. People in the north don't have to travel so far, and they can save packaging and protect the environment.

Whether it is the outer packaging or the pudding itself, in fact, it will not feel rude to give it as a gift, it will be like a very delicate snack, and it is really good as a souvenir.

A pudding is about 150 grams, which is a moderate size. You can stop eating one just enough to avoid the guilt of eating dessert.

Every piece of pudding is full, and it will pop out when you open the lid. The tastes of the few puddings are very smooth, not the kind that goes into the mouth and dissipate, which is different from the general imagination of pudding. A spoonful of it can still feel a little elastic, the aroma will not have the feeling of artificial spices, it is a light ingredient fragrance, each can be tasted what kind of taste, the seasoning is relatively light, and it will not feel too sweet or greasy after eating I do not want to drink water.

It’s purely personal, everyone has different preferences,
What suits me is not necessarily suitable for you.

Tainan Red Brick Pudding-Anping store


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