Food-Tainan Anping,Wang shi fish skin, milkfish specialty store, fresh and cheap and delicious fish soup.

Tainan beef soup is almost always eaten by friends who come to Tainan.On Anping Road,wen zhang beef soup is a queuing delicacy.But this time I didn’t eat beef soup.It is the Wang shi fish skin next to it.

Wang shi fish skin’s traffic is not lost to the wen zhang beef soup,Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is no problem,Saw a lot of locals coming to enjoy the meal.

From when we entered the store and sat down to leave,I didn’t see the clerk having a moment to stop,A steady stream of people have been ordering food,Not to mention there are takeaways.

It looks like a traditional snack bar from the outside,Without much decoration or design,The environment is very ordinary, even a little messy,It is impossible to have any advanced services,This is the feeling of a Taiwanese snack,Simply eat a meal to feed your stomach.

Fresh fish that day,
Don’t worry about being outside for a long time,
In fact, it is consumed very quickly.

The dining area inside can accommodate a lot of people,Sometimes you have to put together a table with others,Sometimes the clerk will not have time to organize the desktop,The environment is not too tidy,The desktop feels a bit greasy.

Although the clerk is very busy, his attitude is good.Tableware must be self-service,Don’t be surprised if you get the wet tableware.It is probably just cleaned.

Here is a bowl of minced pork rice, milkfish maw and fish ball soup,It attracted attention as soon as it came up,Minced pork rice with fat and lean meat,Who can refuse this is just like this,The salty aroma of the sauce is just right,Not too salty nor greasy,Have been simmered until soft,You can eat several bowls without any other side dishes.

The first feeling after drinking the soup can understand why so many people come to eat it.The sweetness really can’t stop, the fish is fresh and delicious without any smell,The fish balls are chewy and fresh fishy,A bowl of sweet and fresh fish soup,It's satisfying and enjoyable.

It’s different from the milkfish soup I’ve eaten before.No need to over-season, as long as the fish is fresh enough, everything is right.

Tainan Anping,Wang shi fish skin
Address:No. 612, Anping Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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