Wu shi fu dong bei da bing is low-fat, low-sugar and low-salt, and a large portion of affordable delicacies.

For a while, I often see big red signs on the road. It’s no surprise that the Wu shi fu dong bei da bing is a bit cheesy, but it is really attracting attention. However, will young people buy this traditional Chinese pastry? Eating is also something I am quite curious about.

Young people now prefer to eat bread, either sandwiches or hamburgers. Every time I pass by, I see people who buy them are a little bit older, making me hesitant to buy them.

After all, I am still young but I like to eat this kind of pasta. In addition to the feeling of fullness, the taste is also good.

They sell a lot of varieties, but I have bought so many times that I only buy the mullet flatbread. The green onion or shredded radish are good. I have not been disappointed in particular. Sometimes when the ingredients are uneven, it is okay. accept.

Although they are all made according to the process, sometimes different people make a little different.

A piece of puff pastry NT$50, in fact, you may be full after eating one serving. Its size is really not small, it does not feel greasy or has no fuel consumption, the seasoning is not too heavy, and the noodles have a light aroma The sweetness can be used as a snack or a regular meal.

This kind of pasta is actually quite hard to make, especially when kneading the dough. If young people don’t support it in the future, I don’t know if these craftsmanship will disappear.

Wu shi fu dong bei da bing  MRT Yongchun Station Exit 1
No. 373-3, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110, Taiwan



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