American TV Series-【Castle】, although there is a bad ending!

I rarely watch all of an American TV series. Castle is one of the ones I can watch with patience. Most of the American TV series have been filmed well in the first few seasons. The latter is either a drag show or the content is not as attractive as the previous one. People, of course, there are also the first few episodes of the first season that are not interesting, and the drama that slowly enters the situation later, it really depends on luck to see the wonderful part until later.

The main plot of the Castle Spirit Book is centered on Richard Castle, a best-selling crime novelist, and New York police detective Kate Beckett. The two were linked together because of a case. Later, Castle decided to use Kate as a prototype to write a new story. Works, participate in their team to get inspiration for writing the book by cracking the case.

Of course, it is easy to guess that the two of them will not be so simple, they are just partners, and they will develop into lovers who will be together after many seasons. The emotional entanglements in the middle will make people very entangled. When is it necessary for individuals to let their hearts go and acknowledge each other's feelings, but this is a TV series, and occasionally it just wants to hang the audience's mood, and there is no way for the screenwriters to feel the emotional hatred.

If the plot doesn’t just focus on the male and female protagonists, otherwise the supporting characters are so lonely and lonely. The two detectives, Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan, are also indispensable characters in the album. There is also the forensic doctor Lanie Parish, their usual bickering. Dialogue is also one of the fun of the album, and their interactive dialogue and body expressions in each episode are also very interesting.

Castle is a detective film. The approach is different from the past. It is not all so serious and nervous, and there are not so many terrible bloody scenes. Each episode is basically an independent case, in order to explain some of the previous When the plot is paved, there will be two consecutive plots, but only a small part.

As a writer, Castle will use some special perspectives and ideas to assist in the resolution of the case, allowing the detectives to think in one more direction. When every case encounters a dead end, there will be a flash of inspiration, so imagination Creativity and creativity are still very important, and sometimes random thoughts can have unexpected effects.

It contains various elements of affection, love, and friendship. Together, they will have different feelings. A certain episode may be very moving, and a certain episode may be disappointing in human nature. All kinds of emotions are gathered in this movie. In movies and dramas, although occasionally confusing actions happen, I wonder if the screenwriter has a hole in his head.

It’s a pity that the last season ended a bit hastily. It feels that the content of the story laid out in the front is not fully explained, and the ending is a bit inexplicable. It’s really a pity. The previous series are pretty good. That’s it. It’s a pity that even the actors themselves are over. Although it’s not clear why it ended up like this, it’s over.

I usually don’t watch an episode repeatedly. When I don’t know what American drama I want to watch, I will click on Castle to watch a random episode to review their funny getting along and intense brainstorming.


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