Friends who have no moral bottom line are extremely disappointing and speechless.

 Once upon a time~~~~~~~

This is a coherent story. It inherits a certain story from the past, but it is the same as it is to be speechless when viewed separately. In the previous summary, there is a boy A and boy B who are classmates in Shanghai, and they are preparing for the college entrance examination in a school. At the beginning, boy B in Shanghai had a precedent for the chaotic relationship between men and women, and he vowed that it would not happen again, especially this is a vicious behavior among friends.

After the college entrance examination was over, boy A confirmed that he had entered a certain university in Hangzhou, boy B could not apply to the university, and his family also trusted a lot of relationships. He wanted to spend money to see if he had a chance to go to a better university, but was rejected by the school. Now, when he is worrying about whether he is going to take another exam in another school, boy A suggested that he come to the same school to apply for a try. Maybe he still has a chance to enter. Finally, he really made his application successful.

When the school finally started, everyone lived in the school’s dedicated dormitory, each with its own room. Boy A and the roommates and classmates on the same floor got to know each other very quickly. It didn’t take long for everyone to play together, whether it was eating or eating. It’s fun to meet, otherwise it’s a ride to the city for a cup of coffee. After a few months or half a year, Boy B doesn’t communicate with other people very much. He stays in his room to play on the computer and watch TV. He occasionally contacts his ex-girlfriend. His girlfriend forgave him for his cheating again.

Under the circumstance that he couldn’t stand it, boy A took boy B to play with other classmates. Gradually everyone became familiar with them. They also met and had fun together. Until now, nothing unpleasant happened. Another year has passed. A group of freshmen, including students from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, organized activities to lead the freshmen to familiarize themselves with the environment and get to know each other. Everyone can help if they have any questions in the future.

One of the Macau female A has a good impression of the male A and the Hong Kong male A. During the May 1st holiday in China, several students who were familiar with each other arranged a trip to Mount Putuo and Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou. Several freshmen followed the seniors. The trip included Boy B and his girlfriend, Hong Kong Boy A and Macau Girl A. It was not long after this tour that Hong Kong Boy A and Macau Girl A were dating together.

After returning to school, everyone continued to eat and party as usual and played World of Warcraft. One day Boy B said that he had broken up with his girlfriend again, and everyone comforted him. Only a small number of people who knew what happened before did not comment. Everyone thought that the matter was over and returned to the original state, but they did not expect that something speechless happened again. Boy B robbed Hong Kong boy A’s girlfriend before Hong Kong boy A broke up with Macau girl A. Before, they also called brothers and sisters, Hong Kong boy A still took good care of boy B, and boy B repaid each other in this way.

And boy A is very self-blaming and speechless. As soon as boy B did this, he immediately found boy A and wanted to explain. Boy A only asked him if he had said that something similar should never happen again, or if he robbed his friend’s girlfriend. , The other party is also good to you, you really have a good impression of Macau Girl A, and wait for the other person to really break up. You have no bottom line and morality when you do this. You also know that you don’t know the explanation, what else to say What? Was it a mistake to suggest that you come to this school and bring you to meet these friends? Otherwise, none of this would happen.


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