Good host families take you to heaven, bad host families take you to hell.

Whether it is a long-term or a short-term study abroad, accommodation is a very important issue. After all, most people stay in an unfamiliar environment for the first time. Even if they have traveled abroad, they feel completely different. Living and studying in an unfamiliar country, there are many unknowns waiting for you to know and understand.

There are several ways to stay. The first is to live in the school dormitory, the second is to buy a house locally (with family members), the third is to live alone, and the last is a host family. It is a way for you to quickly integrate into the local life, because you are living with the locals, and the other party will take care of your daily life, including food and accommodation. If you encounter problems, someone can help and solve them, which is a big deal. Support and peace of mind, after all, you are in a strange country.

In addition, you can also exercise your language skills. Someone can talk to you to speed up your learning. These are the benefits of a host family, so many people will choose to stay with the host family for a period of time before going out to find a house, or Just go to live in the school dormitory. At that time you can already adapt to living in the local area.

I have lived in a host family in Australia and the United States, but the two are complete experiences and feelings. Fortunately, when I was treated uncomfortably, I was a little old, and I was able to contact the agency and the school immediately. I know there are many people. I didn't dare to react and was worried and afraid, so I couldn't bear to say that I left the host family until the time passed. This is not a good way to let the other party continue to treat the students after this, but no one knows.

I stayed with my host family in Australia for a month and a half. I was an older woman. I received a total of me and another Korean student. Because I was also a bit older, I wouldn’t take us out, but I was right in terms of food and accommodation. We are pretty good. Breakfast is prepared by ourselves. There are ingredients in the refrigerator. As long as we tell her before there are no ingredients, they will help us replenish them. Or if you want to eat, you can tell her that we cook different types of food every day for dinner. Local specialty foods or Asian flavors, such as special cooking for us, also bought kimchi with Korean connections.

When we come home from our language school, she will also care about our class status and chat with us, but at that time she was afraid to chat. She felt that her English was not good and she couldn’t speak her language. She didn’t mind letting me relax because it was cold. I would also ask if we need to add quilts or turn on the heating. I was ill for 1 to 2 days and troubled her to take care of me and boil honey and ginger water for me. It was kind and a good host family.

Of course, there are better homestay families, which are not met. They may take you out on weekends, visit some nearby attractions, or eat out in restaurants. It is really lucky to meet them, remember to buy A lottery ticket may win the prize.

Let’s talk about coming to the United States. I probably moved out of that host family in less than 2 weeks. The accommodation environment is not particularly good. I live in the attic. There are a total of 4 rooms and 4 international students. The summer is hot. The feeling of being cold in winter is quite different from the environment in the area below. In the morning, there is only toast, peanut butter, milk, and nothing else. Dinner may not be enough for dinner. Some students dare not say so and go back to the room to cook. For noodles, I originally wanted to serve meals on weekends, so I provided a sandwich and a packet of biscuits. They also said that you should go outside and come back after eating outside. The problem is that they charged us and said that it was They don't want to be disturbed in their private time.

This host family is a bit discriminatory. The hostess also said that she is a teacher who teaches more than $100 for an hour. The host is a man who dares not violate the hostess, and he dared not speak quietly beside him. I told them how much you earn Money is your business and it has nothing to do with me. Whether I have money or not is also my business. It has nothing to do with you. Later, I directly contacted the agent and the school to report to this host family and immediately moved to the school dormitory to live in to let them know what this host family is. The situation is like this, to avoid the subsequent students from encountering it again, as if the school interrupted the cooperative relationship with them later.

So a good host family can take you to heaven, and a bad host family can take you to hell. You have to take the initiative to protect your rights, or you will be bullied by them. Even if you dare not face the host family directly, you must notify the school or an agent. Help you deal with this, this will have a great impact on your mental state, and it is impossible to study well if you are unhappy in life. It is not to spend money to be an uncle in a foreign country, and you cannot spend money to find sin. Strive for.


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