Food in Hsinchu,Caiyuan Shanghai restaurant, the cabbage stewed chicken needs to be booked in advance to eat!

In order to eat this meal, it is really not easy. I have to take the high-speed rail from Taipei to Hsinchu, and then take my cousin’s car. I am happy to see the clear sky and sunshine when I arrive in Hsinchu, and I also experience the power of the windy city. Ah keep blowing.

This gathering was to help relatives celebrate their birthdays that month. It was a coincidence that several of them had their birthdays in the same month.

Is Hsinchu a gourmet desert~? Just look at the experience this time. Just kidding, I don’t usually have the opportunity to come to Hsinchu. I don’t know what’s delicious and fun, so I rely on my relatives to recommend it.

In addition to the fixed dishes on the menu, the dishes on the blackboard will be provided on the day. There will be different changes every day. Remember to check if you want to eat, but sometimes too many choices are not a good thing. You think about everything. Eat, especially those with choice disorder.

The cabinets are a little traditional, and there are all kinds of side dishes (appetizers). When we arrived at the restaurant, someone had already come to the table and ordered a good meal, so I didn’t know what to eat or what to order. .

There are independent boxes and open areas. If you want to be separated from other guests and enjoy an independent space, you can't book a box without making an early reservation. This is also more suitable for multi-person dining, and you can order more dishes to share.

Braised crucian carp with green onions is NT$200. The bones are deep-fried and crispy, and the taste has been boiled. The sweetness of green onions comes out. There are fish eggs in the fish maw, but the taste is a bit different from other brands. It is slightly lighter and sweeter. , There is less sauce.

The peppers are set with meat, the peppers are not spicy, and the seasoning of the meat is not very heavy, but it can be ordered or not, slightly ordinary.

The bamboo fungus tofu pot is NT$360, the tofu is very smooth and tender, the seasoning is not heavy, the portion is large, and the ingredients are also included. It is suitable for children to eat and can also be used for bibimbap.

The vegetable rice is NT$35/bowl. I dig a few bites to try the taste, otherwise I am afraid that I can’t eat other dishes. The rice will not be soggy or too soft. It’s okay, but I personally think it’s ordinary, similar to other restaurants I have eaten. ratio.

Cabbage stewed chicken pot (half) NT$1100. This dish needs to be booked in advance by phone. There is no way to order it on the spot. This pot alone is a big portion. If we order other dishes, we can't finish it. There are eight of us. There is half a pot left when eating and packing.

The essence is in the soup, there is no other seasoning, the color looks dark, and it tastes very sweet and not greasy.

String beans are NT$100.

The pork shreds with rice and bamboo shoots are NT$250. After the pork is processed, there is no fishy smell, and there is no more. It is the fried pork shreds with rice and white bamboo shoots.

Lettuce Shrimp Floss NT$460, a dish that I haven't eaten for a long time, the taste of Shrimp Floss alone is very light, and it is lighter after the lettuce is wrapped. Although the taste is layered in the mouth, there is not a taste that jumps out, but the shrimp is quite fresh .

Shanghai Braised Pork NT$360, it is very attractive to see, the upper layer is shiny and shiny, the pork belly is distinct, and the fat and lean are almost half. The fatty meat will not be very greasy, nor will it be very salty, but sweet .

The light soy sauce shrimp is NT$380. You can only eat the whole shrimp without peeling the shell. The fried shrimp is crispy, and the shrimp meat is fresh and elastic.

Tofu skin with stinky tofu is NT$220. The skin with stinky tofu is fried and fried. The fried skin is crispy and not particularly smelly. It comes with kimchi to relieve greasiness and sauce. It does not stick. I have sauce or it feels a bit dry.

Most of the dishes are of a certain level. For me, I don’t remember too much. After eating, I will only think of the pot of chicken soup. After all, such a big pot is very present. The vegetable garden is suitable for family gatherings or It is a company dinner, and the price is not inferior to a restaurant in Taipei.

It's purely personal, and everyone has different preferences.

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