I don’t remember when it started. The festival is just like an ordinary day.

When I was young, I started to know the holidays, and I looked forward to it every holiday or before the holidays, especially some special festivals, such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year's Day, etc. These festivals have special holidays besides holidays. The activities, or the food that must be eaten to celebrate, all find it interesting and the meaning of the festival.

Later, through the evolution of time, people grew up slowly, and even birthdays were not particularly fond of. I felt that it was actually an ordinary day. It was a pleasure to celebrate, and there was no special loss if I didn’t celebrate. Then, the holidays did not pass. In the atmosphere and environment of the city, everyone will symbolically do what they should do on that holiday, and do what they should do later, basically arranging time for travel.

After all, it’s different now from the past. It’s easier to get together with family members. If you can’t do it, you can still make video calls. You can’t rest and relax when you’re busy with work, so you can only travel at this time Understand, it's a pity, and everyone will gradually forget the meaning of which festival represents.

In addition, everyone pays more attention to artificial festivals. This artificial refers to the days created by merchants to increase the sales of goods. In recent years, the representative is 1111 Singles Day. Every time before this moment, everyone is very excited and can see a lot of Publicity advertisements stimulate consumers' desire and motivation to buy, and the degree of attention may actually surpass traditional festivals.

Gradually, I have little regard for the festival, and the spirit and meaning of the festival have gradually forgotten. The rest only knows when there is a holiday. Whether the family meets or not depends on personal arrangements. The transportation is convenient. In this era, there is almost no need to rely on festivals to meet with family members. It only depends on whether you usually have the heart to arrange it yourself. The remaining time is just a reason and an excuse.


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