In Shanghai, the first winter that shocked education, I felt the terrible loss of body temperature.

Even if I have the impression of the cold, I was still very young. I used to spend the winter in Beijing and Shanghai at that time, but it was at the end of the winter. The clothes prepared by my family were also very complete. I also borrowed from others to never wear them in Taiwan. Because of this, I didn’t feel the painful memory of the cold. I don’t know how many years have passed, and I forgot that feeling. After all, where is the chance to be cold like that in Taiwan, the clothes I wear are all completely different materials. .

When I usually spend the winter in Taiwan, as long as there is a cold air current passing by, everyone will collapse. Everyone is afraid of the cold. They also pray for the winter to pass quickly. The temperature is actually more than ten degrees, which is different from the cold area. It's very big, and it's of completely different levels, but the difference is between dry and cold and wet and cold. The difference in body sensation is different. The wet and cold in Taipei is a bit cold to the bones, passing through the barriers of layers of clothing, and cold inside.

In the summer of 2004, I went to Hangzhou and spent a hot season. At the time, I didn’t expect that I would go to China again soon. It probably took less than two months to go to Shanghai Fudan High School. When I returned to work, I flew to Hangzhou again for Shanghai. As everything was a sudden and temporary arrangement decision, there was no preparation at all. Even the clothes were only with Taiwan’s past. At this time, I can still think of the future. I didn't expect it to be so cold in winter.

My dad also anticipated the possibility of the cold. During the few days with me in Shanghai, he took me to the supermarket and bought a thick coat. It cost about NT$1,000. He would rely on it to survive the unknown winter in Shanghai. I said it should be enough, but later I found out that I was too naive, and I was about to be shocked by education.

Soon, Shanghai welcomed the winter, and the temperature dropped directly below 10 degrees. When I stepped out of my door to go to school, a cold wind blew on my face, and I slowly walked down the street with a backpack on my back. The classroom that walked for about 10 minutes was worse than death. I felt that I might have walked for more than half an hour to arrive in the classroom. The cold blew on my face. I felt cold with hands and feet. I felt regretful for not wearing gloves and thick socks. Unfortunately, it was too late to go home, so I had to hurry to the school classroom, otherwise I would be late.

When I arrived in the classroom seat, I started to tremble involuntarily, my face was pale, my hands and feet were extremely cold, my lips were purple, or my classmates found that my condition seemed abnormal, how could I tremble like this? I still wanted to say that it should just be just outside. It’s cold, and I should recover quickly indoors. In fact, it’s very different from what I imagined. My classmates hurriedly put their coats on me and helped me get hot water so that my body temperature could rise. Fortunately, these measures are effective. As the body temperature slowly rises, the complexion looks normal.

After this time, I was a little bit scared. Fortunately, there is nothing wrong. I can’t take too much care, especially the problem of keeping the body warm. But it is also the same. It seems that a switch is turned on later, and I can slowly accept this temperature. Under the premise of keeping warm, there is no So afraid of the cold, I returned to Hangzhou and stayed for a few years. I also experienced several cold winters. I increased my resistance to temperature. After I returned to Taiwan, I rarely wore long sleeves, but I could get through Taiwan with short sleeves and a jacket. In winter, when the temperature was 20 degrees, I began to see passers-by wearing down jackets on the street, which made me feel like I was in a different world.

Conclusion Regardless of the eyes of others, your own body is the most important thing. Keep warm as you should. Safety comes first.


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