I would rather have neighbors not interact with each other than evil neighbors.

There is a kind of fate between people, and neighbors near the place of residence are not a kind of fate, but it is not necessarily a good fate or a bad fate. If it is a bad fate, you really want to cry without tears, but this is no way. Foreseeing, as long as you haven't moved into the house, you cannot judge and confirm, but the impact is very large, affecting your usual rest. When you get home, you have to relax and be comfortable.

Some people will say that urbanites are very ruthless, and they don’t even know their neighbors. It sounds like this. They all live in the same building, and they don’t necessarily know each other. At most, they nod their heads to say hello. The opportunity to chat, if you change to a small city, it may not be like this at all. Everyone may know each other, or may have made friends, and usually take care of and share with each other.

This is almost a rare situation in a big city. It’s too late to take care of your own home, and you’re tired from work. You don’t spend too much time and energy to communicate with neighbors, and you don’t even see each other once in a few days. Everyone's time is staggered and busy, and life is not so regular. It is exaggerated to say that you can buy lottery tickets if you meet your neighbors. This is the kind of big community.

The small apartment still has a chance to get to know the neighbors around, otherwise the situation is basically the same. In fact, this is nothing to urbanites, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t care about it. Anyway, just take care of yourself. Before nothing happens, It might be better if neighbors don't communicate with each other, at least there will be no conflicts or entanglements, as long as they are not evil neighbors.

Evil neighbors are the most troublesome and annoying thing. They are unreasonable. They are totally disregarding the peace of other people’s homes. They do what they like. Some buildings are not very soundproof. Whether it’s loud noises or stepping on the floor, people can be tortured. If it’s daytime, if it’s still like this at midnight, you can’t even sleep well. Where can you be in a better mood? I will pay attention, where the evil neighbor will take care of you so much, and will say that I am in my own home but not in yours.

There are also public areas that everyone uses. They only wait for others to maintain them, and they don’t care about everything. It’s hard to buy a good neighbor. When everyone saves money and buys their own house, they want to be in this home. In life, if you encounter this kind of neighbor, you will almost collapse. The house is not just bought or sold. So in this case, I would rather the neighbors not communicate with each other than meet a bad neighbor. Of course, we can meet. If you are good neighbors, you should also take care of each other. This is not easy.


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