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It turns out that the ox-tongue pastry is a well-known specialty in Lukang. I have been a little confused about where it is, because I remember that there are ox-tongue pastry in Yilan. Later, I heard the explanation from a local friend in Lukang.

This is the ox-tongue pastry shop they took us to buy. Later, when I returned to Taipei to check, I found something very interesting.

Of course, this is a matter of their own family. The actual situation is unknown to outsiders. There is a reason why I am curious. In one of the alleys of Lugang Old Street, I also saw a dining car with the sign of Qingzhenfang. And this shop is also called Qingzhenfang? What is the relationship between the two Qingzhenfang?

Now Qingzhenfang was originally located at another shop called Qifengxuan, which is also a well-known ox-tongue pastry shop. Now it moved to a nearby store. After getting to know it, it was discovered that they are all a family.

The owner of Qingzhenfang (dining truck) and the wife of the Qingzhenfang store are husband and wife. I heard that the owner will go to other night markets to sell in old streets. Maybe they will set up stalls in Huilugang Old Street on weekends. The owner of Qifengxuan is Qing The son of the owner of Zhenfang, for what reason they will operate separately is not something we can know.

However, one of their methods of making ox-tongue pastry is different. Qingzhenfang (dining cart) and Qifengxuan are fried, while the proprietress of Qingzhenfang is baked in an oven.

Which way or taste you like depends on personal preference!

The original flavor and the brown sugar flavor, their thickness is about the thickness of the side of the two mobile phones, which has a much more texture than the thin beef tongue patties I ate before, and the outside is crispy when baked in the oven.

After biting open, you can see the layers inside, like a layered cake. The filling is very solid but sweet but not greasy. It is not as sweet as usual. This tastes just right and the aroma is not bad. There will be an oily taste, and the taste of grilled and fried will be different, but this time without buying fried ox-tongue pastry, there is no way to compare.

It’s easier for the roasted ones to fall off the crumbs, so put a paper towel underneath to keep them from falling everywhere.Those who are curious can buy it from every store and try it out!

Lukang Old Street-Qingzhenfang ox-tongue pastry


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