Does anyone not like to put any kind of food in their luggage?

Although there is no way to travel abroad now, it is still unknown when it will be restored to the past state. Many people should miss the feeling of going abroad. If you change your mind, it is now a time for you to know Taiwan better, whether it is a short trip or a long trip. , You will need to sort your luggage, the number of days will affect the size of the luggage and how much content is packed.

Usually put in is a change of clothes, including tops, pants, underwear, coats, socks, maybe shoes or slippers, and then toiletries and towels. These are basic items that you can bring, and you have sleep problems. Will bring a small quilt or pillow (really takes up too much space), otherwise it is a hair dryer (usually girls will bring), skin care products and stock medicine (including nutritious food).

In this way, the basic luggage has been sorted out. If there is space left, some people will bring some canned Taiwanese instant noodles or snacks to accompany souvenirs, and some people will reserve a certain amount of space to take these things abroad for travel, just in case. When I was not satisfied with the soil and water in a foreign country, the food was not suitable for my taste, so I could still enjoy the food tastes I was used to. This is actually something I cannot understand.

I don’t like to put any food in my luggage. I don’t know if there are people like me. Basically, no matter which country I go to, I don’t take any food or drink out. Even if I go abroad and return to Taiwan, I rarely do. Put food and drink in the luggage, or take it back in your hand or put it in your backpack. I feel that putting it in the luggage is a very dangerous thing and feels very insecure.

When moving luggage, especially at the airport, the staff have to carry a lot of luggage every day. It is impossible to move each one carefully, almost all of them are thrown away, even if there are fragile labels on them, it may Slightly better, but there is still a certain risk. The other is the weight of the stacked luggage. You don’t know if you are being held down by multiple luggage. Hard-shell suitcases and soft-shell suitcases have different advantages at this time. It still depends on luck.

I still remember one time when I went to China, a Chinese friend wanted to ask me to bring a souvenir. It was still a kind of fragile pastry, which would be crushed with a little effort, and even ran out. I directly rejected it. The other party kept asking me why I didn’t help with it, and it wouldn’t be so good if I put my luggage. At first, I explained the reason to my friend patiently, but then gave up the explanation directly. The other party insisted on the idea. The problem was that the luggage I put was me. It’s not the other party’s, it should be respecting my ideas, right?

In addition to fragile products, there are also liquid and strong fragrance products, which are also terrible. Of course, packaging can be used to avoid some problems, but it also takes up a lot of space, which will reduce the things that are really needed. I brought a bottle of liquor back from China. The packaging was almost perfect. In addition to wrapping a lot of layers, I also used unworn clothes as cushions. The fragile items were labeled on the luggage, and when I got the luggage A scent came oncoming, and the liquor inside still broke and leaked out. The whole luggage smelled of liquor. Fortunately, the alcohol would evaporate, otherwise it would be troublesome to use the luggage again.

Therefore, in order to prevent similar things from happening, no matter which country I go to, I will not bring anything other than the necessities of life. Do you also have this experience? Or don’t put food in the luggage like me?


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