Food in Taipei,Changbai Restaurant-meat with pickled cabbage hot pot is served in four seasons, pepper version of scallion pancake.

I personally like to eat meat with pickled cabbage hot pot. I eat it at least once every winter. However, this old shop that has been in the East District for so long has never eaten it, so I even spent some time searching for it. Know Changbai restaurant.

In fact, I was going to eat another meat with pickled cabbage hot pot, and directly switch to the battlefield to try the Changbai restaurant. There are few restaurants that only sell meat with pickled cabbage hot pot. Its characteristics mean that it is not only suitable for cold weather. There is no problem of being too nourishing.

It takes less than 5 minutes to walk from Exit 2 of the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of MRT Station. The first alley between the fourth section of Zhongxiao East Road and Yanji Street. Business should be very good before the epidemic. If you don’t make a reservation in advance, you may not have a place, except for restricted dining time , The time is not reminded when there are not many guests, and the restaurant business hours are not very long.

There are only meat with pickled cabbage hot pot, no other pots, no stir-fries, only hot pot ingredients and appetizers, as well as luwei and simple pastry.

The above also tells the number of people who are suitable for each pot of different sizes. When eating meat with pickled cabbage hot pot, it is difficult to predict the amount, and it will feel like you can't finish the ingredients.

Changbai restaurant seems to have been very popular with Japanese customers in the past, and there is also Japanese to explain the contents of the food at the door.

The first floor and the basement of the store are well organized and kept clean. The tables, chairs and walls have the feeling of a hot pot restaurant 20-30 years ago!

Dipping sauce is a very important part. How can you lack the dipping sauce when you eat hot pot in Taiwan? It can be according to personal preference or the ratio suggested by the store.


This time we dine for 3 people and ordered a small pot hot pot set (less than two people), which contains a cabbage and vermicelli, two pieces of meat (pork, beef, lamb are optional), and there is a piece of meat in the pot.

The soup base of the meat with pickled cabbage hot pot is boiled with chicken bones and pork bones. The stock is the same when you eat it. The staff will add the soup at any time to keep the ingredients covered and avoid burning. The soup is also richer as it cooks.

To be honest, I thought that the meat slices were too few, but I almost couldn't finish it, and regretted ordering other appetizers.

My first step is to scoop a bowl of soup and drink it to see what it tastes like. The first bite is not disappointed. It is sour, fresh and layered, and does not feel chemically sour. The sourness is natural and fresh. There are seafood in it, including crabs, dried shrimps, and the aroma of bonito.

The sliced pork is a distinctive three-layered pork, which looks very oily, and a layer of oil will appear on the surface when cooked in a pot, but it is not greasy when it tastes. The sour cabbage has played a good role, and its sour taste solves the greasy feeling. It’s balanced, and it tastes great when you eat it without sauce. My favorite is to eat for a while with the original flavor in the sauce, and eat in two ways. After drinking a sip of soup, the saliva will flow down again.

Scallion pancakes and leek boxes are the recommended noodles here. The steamed dumplings seem to be quite attractive, but I don’t want to order them if I can’t finish them. The next time I have a chance to try them, the scallion pancakes here are very special and the shape is very different The same, it's long strips, and the taste is very different. It has a strong peppery taste, which is especially delicious. After eating, it has a slight spicy taste. The staff will remind you to finish it while it is hot. These are made to order. The leek box works normally, and it tastes good, but the impression of the scallion pancake is relatively deep.

It's purely personal. Everyone has different preferences. What suits me may not suit you.

Changbai Restaurant

Address: No.53, Lane 240, Guangfu South Road, Daan District, Taipei City 106

Phone: +886227513525


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