It's really eye-opening, it turns out that boys can be so shameless!

 Once upon a time~~~~~

There are students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau in a class of a high school affiliated to a university in Shanghai. The students in this class are a bit special. There were not so many people who went to China to take the college entrance examination in the past. Generally, families were sent to work in China. Or the talents who go to China to do business will bring their children with them. This group of students may not be willing to go to China to study, and some of them may even be forced to play in their native countries.

Naturally, there are many people with personalities, and many of them are restless students. However, when the environment is changed, there will be mutual recognition and unity, which makes it easier to integrate. At that time, a few students entered the class earlier, and the relationship Not bad, I usually meet to eat and play after class to relieve the pressure on schoolwork.

Due to the special nature of this class, it only lasts for one year and is divided into upper and lower semesters. Some people will come last semester, and some will only come to the next semester. Therefore, the students reported in the last semester will naturally be more familiar with them. A small group, until the beginning of the next semester, ushered in a new group of students. One classroom was not enough and it was divided into two classes. One of the freshmen wanted to join the small group. After all, the small group seemed more interesting.

Therefore, under the premise that everyone knows each other and takes care of the freshman, I start to get acquainted with the freshman male A, and occasionally find him for activities. However, because the freshman male A lives far away, it is not particularly convenient, and everyone does not particularly care, anyway. The communication is relatively simple and simple, just to kill the boredom, the new boy A quickly merged into the small group, although the shortcomings of the new boy A have been discovered and understood very early, and now it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t affect us. Something really happened.

At this time, there are three people in the small group, Boy A, Boy B, and Boy C. In addition to the small group, Boy A and Boy C get along well with other people in the class. One day Boy B is in Something happened in the class, which led to a few days of leave, and also went to deal with private matters. Simply put, the relationship between men and women is chaotic. Then boy A and boy C basically understand the course of the matter and don’t want to talk more about it. I also opened my eyes and closed my eyes. Although it also affected them, everyone still maintained a benign interaction with friends.

It happened during the absence of boy B. The new boy A suddenly mentioned the incident in front of boy A and boy C. When boy B was absent, he complained and scolded that boy B was a bitch. Boy A and boy C felt that Inexplicably, even if boy B does something, you shouldn’t speak ill of others’ backs, right? He still treats you as a friend at the expense of others and treats you quite well. If you dare not say anything in front of him, just take advantage of others’ absence. Spread rumors.

In the eyes of Boy A and Boy C, it is really not something that a boy should do, and there is no morality at all. Therefore, when Boy B returns to class, he arranged 4 people to go to the rooftop to solve this problem, Boy B After hearing this, he asked freshman male A if there was such a thing. Freshman male A never thought that there would be such a moment. At first, he said that he did not remember, and then said that he had mentioned the matter but did not scold him. Say that boy A and boy C have misheard the content.

It’s possible for a person to hear it wrong. It’s unlikely that two people will hear it wrong together. Boy A and Boy C just think that they can’t stab them in the back like this. There is nothing happening in the face-to-face fashion, so they tell boy B if they can’t stand it. Let boy B decide for himself how to deal with this friendship. At this time, the new boy A saw that he could not escape, so he admitted that he had said these things. Finally, in order to pray for forgiveness, he knelt down and apologized. Boy B couldn’t stand it. Forgave the freshman boy A, and persuaded boy A and boy C to forgive him, and give him another chance, and it will be over for the time being.

But can you think of a boy who is so shameless? If you hadn't seen and met with your own eyes, you might not have imagined it. In fact, it would actually happen that you stabbed someone in the back, and you can still pretend to be stupid when caught. This is also an act of betrayal.

The content of the story is all dreams, if the same is an accident!


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