What is friendship in a student class?

 Once upon a time~~~~~

There is a class in a high school affiliated to a well-known university in Shanghai, which is dedicated to students from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. In order to prepare for college entrance examinations in China, students from three places are brought together for guidance and review, and some of them use special methods. The Chinese students who have obtained overseas nationality and Hong Kong identity are already open secrets that no one in the class knows. It can only be said that the world of the rich is different.

There is a boy A and boy B who have become good friends. They both come from the same place. Although they have different personalities and behaviors, they unexpectedly become good friends. In addition to having fun after class with classmates who get along, like Going to Internet cafes or eating and singing, all extracurricular activities will meet each other, vaguely become a small group, gather a few playful classmates, support each other, after all, studying abroad is still very lonely.

Boy A usually gets along well with his classmates. On the one hand, he is older than other classmates and is respected. He maintains a certain friendly relationship with his classmates in Hong Kong or Macau, especially with his classmates in Hong Kong, regardless of boys. Girls still chat and fight with each other. Everything seems so beautiful. There is more fun in the boring class. Preparing for the college entrance examination is a very boring thing. It needs to adjust the body and mind.

Boy B has a girlfriend B, who has been admitted to a university in Shanghai and is also from Taiwan. They know each other’s parents and do business in a certain city in China. This is also the case for two talents who have a chance again, boy A Although she knew Girl B, she was not familiar with it, but I didn't expect it to be so embarrassing to meet for the first time afterwards.

One night, boy A was about to go to bed and rest. Boy B called boy A in the early morning, hoping that boy A could go to the home of a Hong Kong girl A. The two of them had an appointment for a drink alone. On the one hand, they wanted to find boy A. In the past, we drank together. On the other hand, boy B was afraid of what would happen to Hong Kong girl A. Hong Kong girl A liked boy B, but boy A rejected the proposal. He must arrive at school early the next day and tell boy B to hurry. Leave and go home, don't stay there anymore, obviously boy B didn't listen and couldn't control his lower body.

The next day Boy A knew what had happened. Boy B said he regretted what he did. Boy A was mentally helpless. He told you not to continue. Boy B couldn’t pass the psychological barrier and wanted to tell. My girlfriend B found boy A and went to a Korean restaurant to wait for girlfriend B’s arrival. Boy A suggested that boy B think about it clearly, and he can only be responsible for what he did. They broke up for a while. together.

I don’t know if it was boy B or Hong Kong girl A who told this to other Hong Kong classmates, which made the Hong Kong classmate very uncomfortable with that boy B, and even tired some other Taiwanese boys, including boy A, who didn’t know anything about boy A. When he had no chance to explain, he was disliked by his Hong Kong classmates. Boy B did not explain the misunderstanding to his Hong Kong classmates. There is also a Hong Kong boy A who is usually taken care of by boy A. In order to pursue one of the Hong Kong girls, Later, when I say bad things about boy A, boy A is very speechless.

In this way, boy A was betrayed and misunderstood by the good friends he once thought. What's even more funny is that Hong Kong girl A said that it has nothing to do with boy A. Is this a so-called friend? Is it the so-called friendship? In an unfamiliar place, someone from the same place made this incident. Boy B said sorry to Boy A, saying that the whole thing was his fault, and Boy A should not be involved, but Boy B But I didn't explain it to others. Boy A accepted the apology with the mentality that people would make mistakes, and told Boy B that this was the first and last time. If there is another time, everyone should stop being friends.

In fact, boy A did not let go of the matter, but just buried himself in his heart and continued to observe boy B. Boy A always felt that something would happen one day, and kept some distance silently. It is not surprising that other incidents happened later. .


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