Study in the United States-Arrived in Boston and went to Bank of America to open a bank account


There is a very important thing that must be dealt with first when studying abroad, otherwise the psychological pressure will be great, because when you first arrive in the United States, everyone will bring a little traveler’s check and cash with them. After all, it’s not because you have been using Taiwan’s credit cards abroad. A good way is to always use the local bank for convenience.
Regardless of the subsequent living expenses or tuition directly remitted to the bank account, it can reduce a lot of problems and risks. For example, I took almost USD$5000 traveler’s checks and some cash to fly to Boston. The traveler’s checks are processed at the bank (currently it should be There is no traveler’s check anymore, stop selling), at first it was because it didn’t need to bring too much cash, as long as a check was enough, and it could be deposited directly into a U.S. bank account.

So when I arrived in Boston the next morning, I ran to find a bank to open an account. There is a Bank of America near the Waban community of Homestay. It is also the second largest bank in the United States. It has a strong base and ATM machines in Boston. Many, first choose the bank where BOA opened an account. At that time, there was no Chase nearby. I heard that some students went to open an account with Chase later.

If this house hadn't had its signboard in front, it looked like a bank branch, like a private house!

I was still very nervous when I entered the bank. I was worried about whether I could communicate and communicate in English. Some terms I couldn’t understand, but no one accompany me to deal with it. I came by myself, and there were very few Chinese in the entire region. No one spoke Chinese .

Opening an account is not at the lobby counter. The counter only handles deposits and withdrawals and checks for money exchange. After you are told that you want to open an account, a dedicated staff will take you to a separate location, which is a one-to-one transaction.

Fortunately, the business people are very kind and patient. After telling her what I came here, I knew that I had just arrived and even slowed down my speech. Try to make me understand what she meant, and if there is anything I don’t understand, I’ll do my best. Explain that you need your passport and student visa, and F-1 documents (issued by the school) to open an account, plus an English translation of the address in Taiwan, and a telephone number (it is better to get the local number first) ,Actually, it's really simple.

The bank staff helped me open a Checking Account and a Saving Account. One is for consumption and the other is for deposits. You can transfer funds between the two accounts on the website by yourself. All the money you swipe is paid from the Checking Account and will not be used for Saving. Account money.

The bank information given after opening the account contains the documents and information for opening the account, but basically I never opened it again after I got it, and a temporary Debit Card is attached. This card is linked to the Checking Account account and how much money is in it. You can swipe how much money, just like the function of a Taiwanese Visa financial card or a Chinese debit card. If there is no money in the Checking Account, there is no way to swipe it. It does not have the pre-swiping function of the credit card, and it will take about 1 week. After that, you can receive your original Debit Card (your name will be printed on it), and then this temporary Debit Card can no longer be used.

I actually use this Debit Card most of the time. Whether it's supermarket shopping, online consumption, restaurant eating, or buying subway tickets, you can use it all, so I only bring spare cash with me. It is very troublesome to get change.

In addition, the checkbook (I gave it to me at the beginning and received it in about 2 weeks) is to be purchased, but it depends on how likely you are to use it. Trying to write a check is also a good experience.

This is a must-have card. Of course, don't forget to keep a spare credit card. Sometimes you still need a credit card, such as the pre-paid fee for renting a car.

And remember to close your account when you leave the United States, unless you will often go to the United States later,
Or there is an amount of money in it, otherwise the Bank of America will have an account management fee. If you don't pay attention, it can deduct the money until your credit has a problem. Maybe it will affect your entry into the United States.

*Account management fee: You don't need to pay when you meet certain requirements, but each bank is different, and the rules for each time period are different. You still have to ask the bank.


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