Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking-Eggplant minced pork rice (for two people)


Eggplant: 2~3 sticks

Green onion: 1 stick

Olive oil: moderate amount

Pepper: moderate amount

Salt: a little

Soy sauce: 2~3 tablespoons

Sugar (can be used or not)

Rice wine: a little

Minced pork sauce: 1 can

Rice: 1 cup and a half


1. Cut the green onions into chopped green onions. You can cut the eggplant with a hob or diagonally depending on your personal preference.
2. Pour oil into the pot, add the chopped green onions and stir fry until the onion oil is fragrant, and then add the eggplant. You don’t need to fry for too long (also simmer with the rice), add soy sauce, rice wine, salt and pepper to taste (It doesn’t matter if you make it lighter in this step, you can adjust the saltiness after cooking), and then pour it into another cooking pot (you can use a rice cooker, which is more convenient)
3. The amount of water is almost the same as for normal cooking, and you can't add too much. The eggplant itself also contains water.
4. If you use a pot to cook, turn to low heat for about 15 minutes and turn off the heat after the high heat is boiled, and let it simmer in it for 10-15 minutes.
5. After cooking, stir evenly and add the minced pork sauce (if you are afraid of being greasy, you can pour out the oil in the minced pork sauce, or you can fry it with eggplant in advance).
*This is a lazy method. The minced pork sauce is used. You can buy minced meat and stir-fry it with eggplant and then pour it into a stew with rice.

Step 2

Step 3、Step 4

Step 5

Step 5


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