DIY to change the ceiling lights

There are times when there is a need to change a light bulb in every home. It is not too difficult to just change the light bulb. Just turn the light bulb down and replace it with a new one. It sounds simple and it is indeed that simple. It’s another thing to change the lamp holder. In the past, the bulbs in the house were replaced in this way. However, with the change of technology, the popularity of LED bulbs is becoming more and more popular, and different situations are beginning to appear.

If it is the lamp holder, it is better to replace the bulb. Whether it is a power-saving bulb or an LED bulb, it is as simple as before. Just turn it down and then turn it up. It is more troublesome unless there is a lampshade, especially for some special-shaped lamps, sometimes It’s useless to look good. Only later will I know the pain of replacement. In addition, the current integrated LED bulbs are not changing the bulb with you, but they are all replaced. The bulb and the lamp holder are a whole.

This kind of LED lamp can be used for a long time. If it is of good quality, it can be used for more than 3 to 4 years. It also has something to do with your frequent use. However, it is very convenient and does not require frequent lamp replacement. I am happy when I use it, but I have a headache when I need to replace it. Why? I really don't have the courage to change myself!

On the one hand, I hate stepping on ladders, but I have a fear of heights. Even stepping on the ladder can make my feet soft. I know how exaggerated it is. It makes me feel insecure. The other is to connect wires. Because it is a one-piece design, it means that you need to remove the wires and then connect them. Most people are confused about replacing the wires. How do you know how to connect the wires and which wires to connect to? What should I do if I make a wrong connection? Will it be electrocuted or exploded? I feel very upset and uneasy!

But there are people in my family who want to save money and don’t want to find a plumber for replacement. Listening to my explanation of the replacement steps, it’s not difficult and quite simple. I thought it was not that you were just changing your mouth. Of course, I think it’s very simple. I can talk about it with my mouth. Very powerful, okay, all the knowledge is listening to the explanation of water and electricity and watching YouTube installation and replacement videos on the Internet. I have never tried to change this kind of light bulb by myself.

In the mood to try it once, I first bought two cheap LED bulbs and came back to try the operation. Even if something goes wrong, it won’t be too distressed. Anyway, I’ll change to a good quality LED bulb. It’s hard to get started. I went to the water and electricity material store to buy a domestic branded lamp. They also cautiously asked the owner of the water and electricity material store. Take the lamp off, unplug the wire and insert it into the new interface. It's so easy and simple.

After listening, I increased my self-confidence. I went home and turned off the power of the switch. This step is very important and must not be omitted. Turning off the main power is the safest way to avoid any accidents in the middle. Go up slowly. Remove the original lamp. Fortunately, the plumber who helped us install it did not wrap tape or press it with a connector. As long as it is pulled out, there is no need to strip the wire again. You can re-insert the connector of the new lamp before installing it back. First turn on the power and try to see if the light is on, and that's it. Finished? Finished?

I felt that it was so easy to replace the LED bulbs in an unbelievable way? The difficulty is not as high as expected, but there are still places to pay attention to. After this time, I am a little confident that I can replace other LED lights in the house, but I still hope that someone else will replace it~~

Pay attention to the size of the opening of the lamp, and then you can know how many cm of the lamp to buy. Like ours, the opening is 15cm, which is also the size that most of them will use. The rest depends on what color lamp you want to choose. , Yellow light 3000K, natural light 4000K, white light 6500K, and then the wattage and lumens are about your illumination intensity and brightness. The needs of each space are different from everyone's requirements, so you can only try to find the one that suits you.


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