Dried Fruit Snacks-Fruitions, Wenqing dried fruit from Tainan? Agricultural products can also be very creative.


Every Chinese New Year will receive some souvenirs. Some are very special and some are very common. The gift box I received this time is quite interesting. I can't guess what it is just by looking at it. Is it edible? Still use it?
The outer packaging box is beautiful and designed, but the weight in the hand is not too heavy, and it can be shaken gently. When it was first received, it was thrown in the car without paying attention and returned to Taipei. Only then carefully looked at what it was.

It turned out to be dried fruit after opening!

Different from the common dried fruit in the past, whether it is packaging or design, it is a large sealed bag with a small sealed bag, and each small sealed bag contains a little dried fruit. The advantage is that it can be carried out easily and conveniently. When holding the dried fruit, it will not contaminate other fruits, which can increase the storage time.

But this will increase the amount of garbage.

There are a total of four kinds of dried fruit. I didn't carefully count the number of packets. It doesn't seem to be too many. There are dried guavas, dried mangoes, dried strawberries, and dried oranges.

The fruit introduced on the official website is cultivated by natural agricultural methods. The production process is also preserved or seasoned by natural methods. There are no preservatives added, and the validity period will be short. Eat as soon as possible after opening. Visually and in the literature, there is a different way of agricultural products. To create and establish a new way of thinking about dried fruits, away from the traditional impression of dried fruits, so that the public will not think that dried fruits are food for the elderly or just agricultural products.

It feels like there are not too many additives to eat. It is very necessary to make dried fruit. The dried fruit is a good fruit. The raw materials basically determine the quality of the dried fruit. The packaging is actually a bonus item. You say I will Do you buy it often? Probably not. Occasionally, you can consider buying it as a gift and just eat fresh fruit yourself.


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