I’m not used to taking Taiwanese food when I go abroad. Enjoying foreign food is fun!

Is my idea too weird, or should I say that I adapt quickly, or is it lazy?

If I go abroad, I won’t be like most people. I will bring Taiwanese food for backup or avoid picky eaters. There will be food to eat. Then I can be a little bit relieved when I miss Taiwanese food. This is not true and does not work here. Yes, I almost don't bring Taiwanese food in my luggage, and I haven't even brought Taiwanese instant noodles, so I found it strange when I saw my companion's luggage with food.

It’s not that I don’t like Taiwanese food, I really like it and enjoy it, yes, but only if I can eat it at any time, when I go to another country, I will temporarily forget Taiwanese food, and I won’t find Taiwanese food. It is completely different from many people. Many people will look for food from their own country when they go abroad. I have a lot of question marks about this. Why?

I also think that going abroad is to experience the local life. Apart from seeing the scenery and visiting scenic spots, it is eating local food. What is the point of eating Taiwanese food if you go there? Then stay in Taiwan. Why go abroad? Even when I was in China before, some Taiwanese friends would still miss Taiwanese food or go to eat Taiwanese food. This limited their own tastes and couldn’t accept it more broadly. Other dietary tastes, of course, the premise is not to eat any strange food, no matter how bad the situation is, there are no fast food restaurants to eat.

Koreans are one of the good examples. I have been to Australia and the United States. My roommates at the time were all Koreans. Although they could eat Western cuisine, they felt strange if they didn’t eat some rice, even if they had rice but not kimchi. It's still a shortcoming, and then they will find that they go back to their room to cook a Korean instant noodles to eat, or buy instant rice topped with sesame oil and Korean chili sauce, and eat it with seaweed, otherwise they will carry the chili sauce with them when they eat. I admire them, are they so exaggerated?

I really enjoy the local eating habits, and I never thought about eating Taiwanese food. Even if I want to eat instant noodles, I eat locally-bought types. I don’t have to eat Taiwan instant noodles. The most funny thing is to eat Chinese food in Chinatown. It’s not my idea. Every time I go, my classmates and friends find it to eat. Instead, they want to try the taste of Chinese food or miss it. I still remember that when I was in the United States, some Chinese students exaggerated to go to Chinatown to pack food. Eat in the dormitory.

There is no right or wrong question. Perhaps letting go a little to let oneself enjoy new things will not lose its meaning, and it can also increase a little more vision. Eating habits can also reflect the lifestyle and ideas of a country, why they like it or With this kind of food culture and a more inclusive and understanding view, naturally the quality will be improved and changed, instead of looking at things from a single way.


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