Food in Banqiao,The Pan's Cake Shop-pineapple and salted egg yolk pastry, a popular New Year gift box with souvenirs.

As a person who has lived in Taipei for many years, I went back to my grandfather's house in Miaoli to celebrate the Chinese New Year. When I saw the New Year gift boxes from my family and friends came from Banqiao, I felt a bit funny for a moment.

I didn't think too much before I had it. After all, there are pineapple cake shops everywhere in Taiwan. Each has its own characteristics. You only know if it suits your taste.

Maybe it's delicious to others, but there are situations that you don't like.

The packaging looks very simple, there is not too much over-packing, even the inside is not full of packaging except for the packaging.

It is not easy to preserve the style of the previous bakery.

This is called phoenix cake, which is different from ordinary pineapple cakes. In addition to the pineapple filling, there is salted egg yolk inside. It is a very special combination. It is a taste I have never tasted before. The outer skin is soft and fluffy. The filling will not be very sweet, and the salted egg yolk will not be too salty and greasy. The balance is good when mixed together. Even if you eat it, you will not feel dry and tongue. If you don’t drink water, you will not feel a great burden in your mouth. Unexpectedly delicious.

It was also because I thought it was delicious, so I checked the shop online. It turned out to be so famous in Banqiao, New Taipei. Every time during the New Year holidays, many people line up to buy it. I didn't expect to eat it without queuing up. It really made a profit.

The Pan's Cake

Head Office: No. 11-1, Lane 135, Zhongzheng Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City 220

Phone: +886229667721

Heping Store: No. 51, Heping Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City 220

Phone: +886229638879


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