Food in Miaoli-Ahodori Exquisite Noodle Restaurant, freshly cut and hot stewed luwei


The sign of Ahodori Knife Cut Noodle Restaurant is very shabby, and the color faded to black and white. I went back to Miaoli several times and drove by here and didn’t see it several times. I didn’t have any impression of it at all. If it weren’t for my family, I had it before. I’ve been here, I’ve long forgotten it and I don’t know where to go. Who would have thought there was a noodle shop here?
But I heard from my grandpa’s relatives that it has been open for several years, and they think it’s okay. It’s better than other noodles. In other words, I haven’t eaten any noodle shop or restaurant in Miaoli, even though my grandpa’s is in Miaoli. But I am super unfamiliar here.

Ahodori mainly consists of noodles and dumplings, but this time I did not order dumplings. If you did not choose the type of noodles, it will default to knife-cut noodles. Knife-cut noodles are actually more chewy. Many people choose knife-cut noodles.

The side dish took a cold fungus, there was pineapple in it, but the taste was ordinary.

Sauce area: there are chili sauce, sauerkraut, garlic soy sauce, seasoning soy sauce (special).

If you dare to eat spicy, it is recommended to take this chili, it should be marinated after frying and it tastes very fragrant and flavorful, and it will also be spicy. It is very enjoyable when used in noodles and can relieve greasiness.

After choosing the lo-mei, the clerk will cut it up and put it in the marinade to heat it up, so it is hot when it is served, and the flavor of the lo-mei is better.

I ordered the egg noodles very uncomfortable. I don’t know why I would like to try it when I see it. The egg noodles is good or not. It’s a lot worse. In fact, I regret not ordering the knife cut noodles. It’s enjoyable. The sauces of fried bean paste and sesame sauce are very balanced. They have their own flavors and aromas. There is not much conflict between them. The noodles I ordered were a pity. Later, I added the chili and sauerkraut. It was very enjoyable, not at all. There will be a greasy feeling, I think chili is a magical stroke, haha.

Occasionally come here to eat bowls of noodles and lo-mei with chili, mainly because the seasoning is not too heavy, which is quite satisfactory.


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