【Study abroad】Homestay and Homefamily feelings in Waban, Boston, USA

Summary This is not a good Homestay. Even if the house looks good, the neighborhood is also a very good neighborhood. This building should be decades or hundreds of years old and well maintained, but it can’t hide that the owner here is not suitable for being a homestay. Facts about Homestay.

I don’t remember the address or anything, but it’s not very important. The main thing is to record the place where I lived when I first arrived in the United States. In fact, I think this area is the only one that accepts international students. It's too clear.

I arrived at Boston Logan international airport at 11 o'clock the day before. Please arrange for the driver to deliver to the Homestay. It was almost 1 o'clock in the morning when I arrived. I didn’t have time to get familiar with and understand this place and accommodation environment. I was tired. I just want to hurry up and go to bed after communicating with Homestay about the precautions. The family also listed a line of regulations. Basically, I can understand the content. There are no pitfalls, but a lot of constraints are a bit disadvantageous for you.

This is Boston’s Waban next to Newtown. The neighborhood is considered to be a good neighborhood in Boston. Whether it’s safe or luxurious, it’s pretty good. Those who can live here are a bit rich, and the environment is really good. , They are all neatly organized.

There is an MBTA subway Waban station below, from here to the language school I applied for about 3 stops, (but the original language school has moved into Boston downtown) is still very convenient, the subway to the city is almost 40 minutes Well, for those who didn’t buy a car or drive a car, the subway is one of the most important means of transportation. At the time, I thought I had good luck. Whether it’s the Homestay house or the environment, it’s pretty good. As a result, I moved directly after living for more than a week. Go to the school dormitory.

The house is three floors above ground (the third floor is the attic), the basement (laundry room), the attic is dedicated to accepting international students, there are a total of 4 rooms and a shared bathroom, the size of each household is different, but because it is an attic In fact, the roof above is a bit depressing. Each room has a separate key to avoid privacy issues. As I said before, the community environment here is very safe. Therefore, Homestay did not give us the key to the house, but opened the kitchen directly. The side door next to it can be entered and exited, and the door is not locked for 24 hours.

Basically, the only area you can use is the attic. The laundry room in the basement is used once a week (2 to 3 times or more, it’s said that Korean students are said to be screamed), and the kitchen is only available for meals, like Breakfast is only toast, jam and milk (super rotten). I eat it with Homestay at night, but I don’t have enough to eat. Korean students have to cook instant noodles by themselves at night.

It’s even more exaggerated on weekends. If you don’t go out to eat, she will prepare a sandwich and a small packet of potato chips, and she needs to prepare food at your expense, so she uses this to send the international students away. I should go out. I thought it was my choice if I couldn't go out. It was not the reason why you didn't prepare. I also said that weekends are their free time. Don't bother them. I can't do anything if I don't have enough food?

It was still spring when I went there, and the weather was relatively cold. They also have a private swimming pool, but according to their tone, they should not be used by international students.

All of their children have moved out as adults, and they are all working outside. They don't feel that they go home or contact often. That's why they want to receive international students when they have available rooms.

I didn’t have time to react on the first night, so I took a shower and went to bed. I was woken up by jet lag the next morning. I arrived 3 days earlier. I wanted to say that I had extra time to deal with some chores, such as bank account opening and mobile phone. The registration of the number is not the same as going to the language school first, otherwise it usually arrives the day before the report.

I only stayed in this Homestay for more than a week. I originally thought about extending the time, but after talking with other roommates, I just let it go. Homefamily still talked to me, she was a bit self-righteous old woman, thinking she was herself I can earn more than USD$100 in an hour. I taught English before. Her husband was eaten to death by her. She was afraid to speak on the side, which prevented me from expressing personal opinions and thoughts. Later, I directly responded to the situation with the school. I immediately arranged the school dormitory and moved out. It is said that after I left, other international students also left. Then the language school said that it would not arrange students to go to the homestay to avoid similar problems.

The main reason is that many people do not necessarily have the ability to communicate in English. They may be bullied by Homestay and don’t know how to deal with it. This leads to unhappiness. This is something that is often heard. In fact, you should not be afraid at this time. It was the agency that responded and asked them to help deal with this problem. In the future, this Homestay will also be on their blacklist. The language schools in this city may exchange information.

The arranged Homestays are all luck problems. Some Homefamily are very good. They take care of their own children. Some just want to make money and bully others. Just remember that there is a problem and don’t hold back. Hurry up and let you know to solve the problem as soon as possible. .


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