Housework is a never-ending hell! Time passed quickly.

Independence is a great thing. You can have your own space and freedom. You don’t need to care about others’ perspectives. You can do what you want, and you won’t be supervised by anyone, especially if your family members are very concerned about it. Sometimes, It's a lot of pressure, like something is tied up, you can't do what you want to do, you can't reflect your personal style, but independence also means that you have to deal with everything yourself.

So there are reasons why modern people need convenient cleaning tools or order takeaways. When everything is done, there is no time and energy to do it, so I have to spend more money to solve it. At least it is not a big problem for me. Once you have been independent, you will know how to solve these things. In fact, things are not difficult but very complicated. They are all small things piled up.

One year my mother suffered a fractured foot and had to recover for more than half a year. Apart from being unable to move around, there was no major problem when she arrived, but it also meant that it was my turn to do all the housework. Housework is a different concept and scale. Many things can be done well for one person. Whether it is eating or cleaning, cooking for one person is a little troublesome, but only the things that need to be washed. One person can wash clothes once a week, and one person can have one space. Cleaning once a week does not need to be too long, after all, you can be lazy.

Let’s take a look at the process of housework for a day. Get up in the morning and go to the market to buy food (the housewife has to go to the traditional market to buy food). After returning, we will arrange the ingredients and put them in the refrigerator. The frozen ones should be processed immediately. What can be kept at room temperature You have to know that, the next thing is to put the clothes in the washing machine. When you wait for the clothes to be washed, you can sweep the floor and mop the floor. After drying the clothes, you are almost ready to prepare the ingredients for lunch. Why didn't you talk about breakfast? The breakfast is relatively simple. Just soak a grain powder + protein powder and fruit eggs.

It takes 1~1.5 hours to arrange the ingredients and cook the rice as fast as possible. At any rate, it takes 2 dishes or 3 dishes and 1 soup for two people to eat. It requires the combination of vegetable protein to be nutritious, and then washing the dishes. At this time, it takes almost 1 After I order too much, I can finally take a breather and take a break. I can watch the news by sliding my mobile phone to play games. At 4-5 in the afternoon, I’m ready to start cooking dinner again. Maybe I can finish eating and washing dishes before 7 o’clock. It’s more than an hour. To take out the garbage and recycle resources is the completion of the basic housework in a day. It takes a lot of time.

It is really a hell of housework. I see the end and the end of the day, and I have to do it again the next day. I can’t imagine what to do with such a cleanliness person, and how horrible the amount of housework in a big family is, working outside It's really hard, but people at home may not be easy. They should be considerate and help each other. Even if they only talk, they must have a good attitude. Otherwise, how is it possible not to quarrel.


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