In the past few years, there is no festival atmosphere in the lunar new year, and there is a depressive atmosphere, which is meaningless except for reunion.

Starting from the memory, the New Year’s Day is the most worry-free, it can also be said to be a major festival full of expectations. On the one hand, there are holidays to be off, and you can spend more time with your family without having to go to school. On the other hand It is a rare family reunion time every year. Usually, everyone may be scattered in various places or cities. Whether it is work or study, they are relatively busy. Only this time is when everyone has enough time to get together.

In the end, of course, children are most looking forward to receiving red envelopes and setting off firecrackers. Red envelopes are not in control without a certain age memory, and they are not so concerned. It is better to buy firecrackers to play, watching the festivals everywhere The lanterns and festoons are full of red elements. Spring couplets are the basic style, and red lanterns and so on appear. As long as they are red, there is a festive atmosphere. Some people will wear red and red underwear.

Then on New Year’s Eve, we will gather together to chat and watch TV shows, whether it’s the early Japanese red-and-white battles or Taiwan’s red-and-white singles battles, and then come the funny part of the New Year’s Eve special program, and then come to China, which Taiwan usually doesn’t watch. During the Spring Festival Gala, watching and playing cards, eating and drinking to spend 12 o’clock in the evening, go to bed with a lot of energy, sleep can be accompanied by the sound of firecrackers one after another outside, although complaining that firecrackers are still being set off so late, but I think this is the New Year!

This is something that happened in the past, but now it’s very different. On the one hand, the transportation is convenient. You can go back to your hometown at any time. You can go back to get together during holidays or weekends. It’s not like you had to wait until the Lunar New Year to get together. As he grows up, he has lost a lot of purity, and has added a lot of complicated mind and thought methods. After a year, he will be surrounded by a strange atmosphere.

It also has something to do with the elderly, retains the old concepts and thoughts, does not change with the times, or does not think for the sake of other people, but only for one's own emotions to affect the atmosphere of the whole family, too much want to interfere with others Things, rather than thinking about how to live better than health, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren.

I can barely finish a year. I can’t sleep well and return to my home. Reunion is a reunion, but it’s still very strange. There is no feeling and atmosphere of the New Year at all, and there is no joy. The atmosphere, even the laughter gradually disappeared, there was an inexplicable feeling.

I don’t know how other people’s New Year is now, and whether there is such a strong New Year atmosphere. I just feel that what everyone cares about is the length of the holiday and where to go. The New Year is a little formal, which is completely different from the past. Maybe Christmas abroad is more serious and lively than us.


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