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This day I returned to Taipei from the south, from the south where the weather was warm, and when I returned to Taipei, I felt the cold breeze. This gap is really speechless. I can’t let me feel the warmth of Taipei when I come back. Rain cools down.

It’s just time for dinner, but I’m not too hungry. I just want to eat a hot food to warm my stomach, and it’s not too irritating. Nowadays, there are many exotic dishes in the food court, and most of the seasonings are relatively heavy. Later, I thought about eating something tempura that I haven't eaten for a long time!

You can drink hot soup after eating, which seems to be a good choice.

The signature tempura NT$80. To be honest, the price of this portion really won't let me eat it again next time. The content inside is very simple, there are about 6 types, and the quantity is not too much. Sweet and not spicy. The shape is different but the taste is the same. The meatballs are very ordinary and don't like the taste very much. The stewed radish is good and quite sweet.

The sauce will not be very rich or sweet or salty, so there will be no special memory.

On the contrary, the last added soup is still more delicious, the sweetness of the ingredients has entered the soup, it is quite sweet and not greasy, and I would like to drink it again, I think the soup is better than tempura.

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