Food in Taipei,Fude Cold Noodles, 24-hour cold noodle shop and a choice in the middle of the night.

Although Fude cold noodles are open 24 hours a day, I don't have the energy to wait until the early hours of the morning to eat. It is too late to hide in the bed during that time.

In fact, I have heard of this cold noodle restaurant for a while. I used to work nearby, but I have never eaten it.
There are also several cold noodle shops around this week. I will have the opportunity to try the taste in the future. This time I will first come to the target location to try if it suits me.

I was planning to go to Fude cold noodles for lunch. The temperature on the day was good and the sun was still warm. It was just right for a bowl of cold noodles. Some customers who came to dine by car parked their cars at the door and left after a quick meal. .

The environment is a Taiwanese snack bar. It is impossible to be clean and tidy. When there are many customers, there will be no time to organize the evening dishes on the table.

There are indoor and outdoor seats, not too many, but there is no need to worry about not having a seat, everyone eats very fast.

The seasonings on the table include chili, mustard, and pepper. In fact, they are not very spicy or harsh. Chili is more aromatic than spicy.

There are original cold noodles, cold noodles with fried bean sauce and cold noodles with pickled mustard greens and pork. My personal habit is to eat original cold noodles for the first time.

Even though the clerk showed me the size of other customers’ order for the miso egg-flower and pork ball soup (three-in-one soup) and cold noodles, in fact, I have been unable to grasp the amount of cold noodles.

Every time I eat cold noodles, I feel that I feel full, or I don’t feel full.

The bonito flavour is very obvious, just like Taiwanese miso soup. To me, it is sweet. The egg is half-baked and very soft. The pork balls are elastic, just like ordinary pork balls.

The sesame sauce on the top is very random, and it all flows out of the plate. It looks very thick and the sesame aroma will not be very strong.

The sauce won’t be stirred, it’s easy to mix, it has a slight sour taste, the garlic taste will not be obvious, the taste is sweet, it will not be very heavy, the noodles are not very chewy, and the combination is still harmonious. A passing cold noodle.

After eating, there is no burden, and it is quite refreshing. I can ask the clerk to add any additional sauces I want to add. Sometimes I think I can eat it, but it is very unlikely that I will go to eat it in the early morning.

Fude Cold Noodle
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