The colleague relationship of the previous generation is deeper than this time, and it has been maintained for more than 40 years. Can you believe it?

Recently, I attended a wedding banquet in place of my dad. The bride’s father was an old colleague of my dad. I probably saw him when I was in elementary school, so he only remembers how I was when I was a kid. Apart from coming to be happy, actually this wedding banquet It can also be regarded as an excuse and reason for their old colleagues to get together. Some people have left that company and some people are still in the same company, but they still keep in touch.

It’s not surprising that the table schedules arranged on site are all elders, and they are all their old colleagues. Some of them joined the company in the previous period and also have the same period. At least half of them watched me grow up. This feels really true. It’s hard to describe. On the one hand, the pressure is also great. On the other hand, it’s really not easy for them to keep in touch and meet on this occasion. It’s really not easy to see them once. Some people may usually have phone calls. , But it takes several years to see each other.

The company’s colleagues are a very delicate existence. It is really not easy to maintain a friendly and long-term relationship with colleagues in the company. Especially now, everyone is a little indifferent. It’s even more difficult if there are intersections, or even competition with each other. Everyone may have to step on others to climb up, all smiles in front of them and don’t know if they will do any small actions at the back. It is not so easy for colleagues to become friends, even if there are not too many people.

And my dad and the boss who took care of them in the previous issue were getting along well. Some people left the company more than 30 years ago, some people left the company 20 years ago, and some people left the company 10 years ago. They were all intermittent. Someone changed the runway or retire, even so they continue to connect to the present, it is not easy to be a little weird, at least in my opinion.

Occasionally, I can get together to talk about interesting things in the company, the situation in recent years, or the health of family and children. From the relationship with colleagues to the present, it has surpassed a lot. Very rare friendships. I rarely talk to them. In the past, when colleagues contacted, they rarely cared about each other's private situation. Maybe this is the case in this era!


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