It's the first time I visited Taoyuan Airport under the epidemic, and it felt so strange.

I have forgotten the last time I went to Taoyuan Airport. I just remember that I was also sending people to the airport to go abroad. Later, after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, I never went to the airport again. If it wasn't for sending people to the airport this time, I don’t know. What year and month did I have the opportunity to come.

The difference is clearly felt on the highway to the airport. The closer you get to the airport, the less traffic there will be. In the past, I had to worry about too many cars being delayed until the time. Now, you may not be able to see the car before and after you enter the parking lot. More than 90% of the parking spaces can be easily counted by the naked eye.

It is suspected that apart from the fact that there are more airport staff than flying, there may be more people sending off the plane than flying, whether it is a group of friends or relatives.

After all, not all airport buses are in operation. Evergreen has stopped operating. Many airport buses have to look at the timetable. The Guoguang is the only airport bus that continues to be stable, and the airport MRT is not a route that suits everyone.

Stepping into the airport is a lot of silence, like in another time and space, or the world. The food court is empty except for the clerk, and there is no need to find a place to sit anywhere.

After the escalator came up, it was even more dumbfounded, the empty counter, lined up? Crowded? You may be running here and no one will stop you. I felt a little bit unhappy.

Except for the flights that have not been cancelled, you can see the hard-working ground staff helping to check in. There are no other counters. Only this counter can see people in the entire row. All the passengers are almost concentrated here, but no more than Thirty people are really unspeakable.

The insurance companies, bank personnel, and duty-free shop personnel set up here can only stand and sit boringly, watching the few people passing by, and even the day has passed. I can imagine how boring and psychological they are. Looking forward to the day when I can return to the full-blown appearance of adults.

What an unfamiliar airport, what an empty airport, an airport that was once exciting and happy, and a place where a lot of emotions once happened, now I can't feel anything, only indifference.

I hope that the emergence of vaccines can shorten the recovery time, so that everyone can regain the happy time of traveling abroad or the days of exchanges with other countries as soon as possible.

This period of time is also a good time to reorganize the airport properly. Don’t have the water leakage problem in the past. The third terminal building that should be built can also be built quickly, and wait until the day when everyone can fly freely in the sky. Use a better posture to welcome foreign tourists and Chinese back.

Let that noisy and crowded airport come back!


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