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Last time I went to Lugang Old Street, I saw a lot of shops selling meat buns, but due to lack of time, I was not very hungry, so I skipped it.Unexpectedly, people in Taipei can still eat delicacies from Lukang, Changhua!

Although it can be ordered online or by phone to make a home delivery, I didn’t get the meat buns this way. My family and friends were from Lukang. When I came to Taipei, I brought Ah Zhen meat buns as a souvenir for us to eat. Special emphasis should be placed on the stores they like to eat, and they usually buy them.

The above suggestion is to eat as soon as possible, refrigerate for 3 days, and freeze for 10 days to have a fresher taste. It is also because they describe that fresh natural ingredients are made without any chemical additives.

I used to buy buns from other homes, and I couldn’t remember the marks on them. I couldn’t remember where the buns were. In the end they were eaten by luck. Fortunately, they were very intimate with hints.

I steamed the meat buns at noon to eat. I tried the taste to find out if it suits the taste. The size is normal. Basically, it is not enough for boys to eat one, 2~3 are no problem. The dough is soft and not firm. That kind, there is a lot of pork filling inside, there will be no pile of skin left after eating the meat filling, it contains gravy but not too greasy, no fishy smell, the skin will have a little sweet taste, it should be from Milk and flour will not have too heavy seasoning.

So you can eat a few in a row without getting tired, and the rest is up to personal taste.

A Zhen Rou Bao

Address: No. 71, Zhongshan Road, Lugang Town, Changhua County, 505

Phone: +88647772754


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