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Near the Xiaonanmen MRT Station is an area that I rarely go to. It seems that there are many restaurants and snacks. I am looking for opportunities to try the food here.

Back to the topic: Dehonglin old restaurant, suddenly heard the ding-dong sound of Line, and the mother sitting next to me sent it to me, asking me how far away from us now, how to get there, how about eating this at noon .
If you are as smart as I am, of course you don’t have the right to object, just search according to the instructions. According to her, she described why she knew about this restaurant because she was listening to the radio program of foodie Wang Ruiyao, and she happened to be there. Introduced, and said it was her husband’s apprentice?

Actually, I hesitated before entering the store, and found that there were more people in the restaurant next to it. What happened? Wouldn't it have stepped into an uncharted territory? I feel so upset and uneasy!

The seating arrangement is a bit unreasonable, a bit crowded, each interval is very close, there is no need to expect the service, theirs is about three people, so whether it is ordering or serving dishes is not fast.

Zhenjiang salted meat NT$120, a total of four slices, the clerk will give you a small pot of black vinegar, and let you add a drop to the salted meat to eat, I guess the clerk is worried that we are not used to the vinegar, I think it is the Zhenjiang vinegar The taste of black vinegar is different from the common black vinegar in Taiwan. The acidity and taste will be stronger, but we added a lot and didn't feel it. (This vinegar was often eaten in China before, so I got used to it)

Fish and minced rice with rice is NT$50. If you eat lard bibimbap first, you can skip it. The taste of lard bibimbap will overwhelm this. The taste of lard bibimbap is better.

The braised kaofu is NT$50, which is too moist and cold. The taste is good, but the taste is slightly worse.

The lard bibimbap is NT$35, full of fragrant, sprinkled with onion and crisp on it, oily but not greasy, but the portion is too small, this size of bowl is filled with such a little, it is really a gap, it is better to use the appropriate size Bowl.

Tianxiang platter is NT$70. It contains bamboo shoots, lotus root, broccoli, dried tofu, and kelp. It is a marinated platter, but it is quite ordinary and is not recommended.

Sweet potato leaves NT$35.

Dongpo meat is NT$150. It should be regarded as one of the signature dishes. The taste is completely different from what I have eaten in Hangzhou. The way the dishes are presented is also different. I haven't seen how juicy Dongpo meat is. After a few sips, there is a strong taste of wine (presumably Shaoxing wine), and I feel that I will be taken away after the wine test. The heat is enough and the meat is stewed very soft and tender, but how to eat it does not look like Dongpo in my mind. meat.

Palace Pepper Stewed Chicken Soup NT$85, pretty good~

The meat soup clear soup is NT$40. The meat soup is solid and has a meaty taste and is not fishy. It is delicious. Although the soup is a clear soup, a lot of pepper is added to it. The latter can be drunk and it is slightly spicy.

Xihucuyu is NT$180. It is not recommended to order. The fish is soaked in the clear soup when it is served. It should be cooked directly in the clear soup. Then the clerk tells you to take the fish out and put it on the plate, and put the sauce on it, so why not directly Put the sauce on the plate and serve it? The fish is good and there is no fishbone, but it still tastes different from what I ate in Hangzhou. The sauce is not well made, the acidity is not coming out, and the sauce is not enough to cover the fish. The Xihucuyu fish eaten in Hangzhou is whole. The top of the fish is covered with sauce.

I dare not say that I am familiar with Jiangzhe cuisine, but I have eaten a lot of Jiangzhe cuisine in China. This one is really not like it. Basically, apart from the lard bibimbap and soup which have some memory, the others are really nothing special of.

But it is said that they have a pot of duck soup that seems to be doing well, and it may take a table dish to get it. I don't have this chance.


Dehong Lin Old Restaurant

Address: No. 1, Lane 157, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 100

Phone: +886223316077


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