Food in Taipei の Timhowan Songshan Station Store, a cheap one-Michelin-star Hong Kong dim sum restaurant


The legendary Tim Ho Wan, who claims to have delicious Hong Kong dim sum at ordinary prices, has also been awarded one Michelin star for many years. The first store in Taiwan was in front of Taipei Main Station. At that time, there were long queues and waiting in line. For an hour, don’t ask me why I knew it, because I was one of the people in the line. I didn’t expect the two adults in my family to be patient and wait together. Well, they said they wanted to eat, haha.
Now Tim Ho Wan has opened many branches in Taiwan, but until this time I revisited it, it seemed that it was the third time I ate Tim Ho Wan. One time I ordered a takeaway in a department store in Manila, Philippines? (Magic)

I’m not sure if it’s the epidemic or the current heat has passed. Basically, every time I pass by Tim Ho Wan in Songshan Station, I don’t see people queuing up, and there are even some vacancies in it. Basically, I can get in without waiting. Even lunch time is more free.

Of course, this change is still good. At least there is no need to wait for another hour to eat. Maybe it lacks a little scarcity. After all, it is easy to eat and it is not so special. On the contrary, it is only occasionally thought of its existence. .

Of the three sauces, none of them are called Taiwanese, they are all called Hong Kong. I have forgotten what the flavor of the sauce in the middle is, but I don't even remember whether it was used or not.

Braised chicken feet in abalone sauce is NT$128. I eat Hong Kong’s must-order food. I didn’t eat chicken feet like this meal is not as exaggerated as Hong Kong food. Whoever refuses to order will make it difficult for me. The stewed can easily separate the flesh and the flesh. It's just too little, the peanuts are ordinary, the taste is okay, but it's not as amazing as the first time I ate it.

Baked Barbecued Pork Buns with Pastry at NT$138, one of Tim Hao Lun’s signature dishes, there will be dishes at every table, sweet on the outside, salty and sweet on the inside, it is the filling of the meat, to be honest, I still like to eat pineapple oil or simply Barbecued pork buns.

The vegetables are all NT$108, the portion is a little handsome, I really don't want to order, but there is no way that the two adults must eat vegetables.

The fresh shrimp tofu skin rolls are NT$138. This time they were fried too crispy, and they fell everywhere with one bite, but the shrimp stuffed inside still tastes good, which is a pity.

Pan-fried carrot cake is NT$108. Don't think about the carrot cake in the breakfast shop. It is a typical Hong Kong-style carrot cake. The fried is still quite standard.

Fried noodles with scallops are NT$158. The serving size is much less than I remembered. This stir-fry method is less watery to eat, but it is dry. Compared with Taiwanese noodles, the noodles are harder and not chewy.

XO Sauce Lamei Fried Rice is NT$158. Lamei is fried and put in, and then you can eat the sausage after a few bites. The ratio of rice to ingredients is what you know. After eating, it is empty.

Do you say Tim Ho Wan is not delicious? It's not bad, do you say it is delicious? In fact, it’s okay. At least I don’t have the strong feelings and expectations that I used to have. I might as well go directly to a Hong Kong-style tea restaurant. There are more Hong Kong spots to choose from, and after eating, there will be no emptiness of not being full. Feel, think about what I have eaten.

This is how I feel this time, and I don't know why there is such a big change.

Tim Ho Wan Songshan Station Store

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 11 Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Phone: +886225287978


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