Guangfu Temple, Puli, Nantou-there is a big banyan tree that can escape the heat


When you come to the yiyo's hometown camping area in Puli, Nantou, you must not miss the opportunity to stroll around. You will always find sights that you can't see in the city.

Especially the children who grew up in the city will be full of surprises, many animals and plants and life attitudes that they have never seen before.
After the busy urban life, the sense of tranquility that many people want may only be found in the countryside. Even if they were not used to the sleeping pattern the previous night, they still got up and visited the village early in the morning.

Except for Yumenguan, Zhongguaxi, and the noisy chickens, ducks and geese on the road, this is the big banyan tree.

I saw a banyan tree with branches and leaves like this once when I was young, but I have forgotten where it was. This time I saw it again at Guangfu Palace in Puli, Nantou. We walked in from the hot sun to the first place under the big banyan tree. One reaction is that it's so cool.

Then it's so big and big, how can it spread so wide, you still need to help erect a bracket to support its extension.

This is outside a temple, and it is also the center of faith and activity for local residents. There must be a temple in the early village, which is the spiritual support and support of everyone.

The square in front of the temple is very suitable for people to gather here for events. Although the population exodus in the township is very serious now, most of the young people have gone out, but for the residents who lived here, there must still be a sense of belonging here. of.

The person who planted this banyan tree at the time probably never thought that one day it would become such a big banyan tree. After decades of being a small tree, it will become a towering tree. You can't see the sky when you look up under the tree. And the sun, but it is the best summer resort in summer, benefiting more people behind.

Guangfu Temple, Puli, Nantou


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