A rural honesty shop where chickens, ducks and geese gather together?

Walking along the Zhongguakeng Creek Trail in the countryside of Puli, Nantou, I saw a large area surrounded by iron fences. Inside there was a small pond with trees, just like a small garden. You could hear chickens, ducks and geese from a distance. The voices of the people suddenly realized that it was them, the guy who showed singing and high and low sounds in the middle of the night.
Secretly thinking not to be met by me, otherwise you must be killed, and the sin of disturbing people's sleep is very serious.

These chickens, ducks and geese all live together, and I don't know if they will fight, but their lives are too moist. There is a small pond for them to play in, and there is so much space to run around.

I can't catch them. The vitality is too strong. It's completely different from the people who are kept locked up. I really admire the people who can catch them.

And the whole environment is well maintained, without any peculiar smell or uncomfortable smell.

If it is a fruit tree planted in it, it will be nourished by fertilizer every day, and it will taste sweet when it bears fruit, haha.

The owner of the breeder also posted a price list at the door, clearly marked the price, and if you need it, you can call on the phone yourself. This method is also very fun. I don’t know if the door is usually locked, but it can be opened without a lock on the day. Go in, isn't the country so big?

He is still the one to count, even if you go in and you can't catch one!


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