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Duck rice is a very evil food. I will always see it on YouTube every time. As long as someone introduces Hsinchu cuisine, the duck rice near the Chenghuang Temple is indispensable. It makes me want to feel what it tastes like. .

Hsinchu passes by several times a year, but I haven't visited it a few times. The last time I came to Chenghuang Temple is when I was a child. This time I went back to Miaoli before the Chinese New Year. I deliberately wanted to come here. It doesn't matter if the food is too late for other attractions, I will come back later. , But the duck rice is a must-eat during this trip.

It's so determined and purposeful, haha! It only happens at this time, in order to eat.

There are two famous families near Chenghuang Temple, but the Miaokou Duck Fragrant Rice did not open that day, so I could only eat one family. The original idea was to eat both of them, so I had to come to Duck Xu (Second Sister Xu).

Since we only set off at noon, I wanted to say that the destination should be past the lunch time, and there should be fewer people. But when I arrived, I realized that it had nothing to do with time. There were a lot of people, and they were all over two o’clock and they were full. Customers did not stop coming to the door. when.

It’s not very friendly. There is only one way to get in. There is a lo-mei in the middle and a counter for payment and food. There are seats on the left hand side, which is really crowded.

The first thing is to find a seat first, and then write the menu and table number. It is best to place things to occupy the space or someone can take care of the space. Other people order and pay for the meal. It is a silly thing to stand and wait.

I just picked up the lo-mei and told the table number to check out by the way. I just waited for the meal to be delivered to the table. Duck meat and fried duck blood are must-order dishes. Originally, I wanted to order it when I saw duck blood. I saw that every table has it. It was delicious just after it was fried, but I gave up the idea for fear that I could not finish it, but later I ran to add some fried duck blood.

1/4 duck meat is NT$170. Actually it’s not very expensive, and the portion is quite large. If the duck meat is not cooked well, it will be very woody. They do not have this problem. The meat is tender and juicy. It has a smoky smell and can't stop eating.

Duck soup rice noodles (small) NT$55, the duck soup is very rich and not greasy, it is the kind of duck scent from the boiled duck bones.

Duck rice with rice is NT$50. The minced pork soup is boiled with a lot of jelly, but it is not as outstanding as duck meat. If you eat too much, you will feel a bit greasy. On the contrary, duck meat does not have this problem. It is better to give me a few more ducks. Meat it.

The fried duck blood was NT$65. This must be ordered. I saw an uncle at the next table who ordered a bowl of noodles, duck meat, fried duck blood, and soup.

The fried duck blood has the acidity and fragrance of vinegar, slightly spicy and salty, the duck blood is tender and smooth, without any fishy taste, if you don't really want to drink a glass of beer, it is completely suitable for the current cuisine.

This time I was quite satisfied. I left with my stomach and I should be able to stick to it until next time!

Duck Xu (Second Sister Xu)

Address: No. 35, Beimen Street, North District, Hsinchu City, 300

Phone: +88635246574


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