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As a Taipei native from Miaoli, how could one of the most famous noodle shops in Sanyi have never eaten it? It is Jinbang noodle restaurant. Actually, I haven’t eaten it for years. It’s really a big deal to find a parking space nearby. The problem, I didn't expect that there are exclusive parking lots now.
There are also two parking lots, which is great. If the nearest one is not available, there will be another one in the past. After the car is parked, a staff member will give you a parking ticket, and the staff will help you as long as you pay. Stamp it or change it to you, and you can park for free as long as you have a meal. It's really much more convenient than in the past.

The ingredients here are quickly disappearing visible to the naked eye. Even if it is placed in an open space, it seems a little weird, but otherwise it is actually too late to cook. Basically, the guests never stop queuing during meal times.

You can add the soup after drinking it! Just stand in this position and tell the clerk that you need to add soup, but pay attention to safety. After all, this route is their route to serve dishes. Don't hit or be hit, otherwise the hot work area is not a joke.

After entering the door, tell the clerk that it is a few people, and they will help with the location, unless the location is relatively empty, you can find a place to sit casually, and the menu can be obtained at the door.

This is the place to check out. After you have a seat, fill out the menu. You must first check out here to exchange for the parking coupon, and then it’s time to wait for the food to be served.

The pork head meat is NT$50. This amount is very cost-effective. If you don’t eat enough pork head meat, just order another one! We ordered this because someone didn't order the pork head noodles.

The pork head meat itself is not seasoned, and it relies on the soy sauce paste on top, with some shredded ginger and leeks, both in terms of taste and richness.

The fried small fish is very crispy and very tasty, which means that the taste is a bit salty, and it is suitable for eating with noodles or it is a snack.

Both pig ears and dried tofu are okay. If you like chili, you can dip a little. This is a spicy chili!

If there are too many people, you will have to wait for a while, especially the cooking time for the noodles, so the side dishes will be served first, and then the noodles will come when we are almost finished eating the lo-wei side dishes, which leads us to decide to order some side dishes to eat.

The pork head noodles are NT$70, sprinkled with shallots and chopped green onions. Originally, I wanted to say that I ate three eggs that morning, so I didn’t order the marinated eggs. It turned out that there was one in the pork head noodles. The portion here is not small. It makes you very enjoyable. Don't think the soup will have a heavy taste. In fact, it is relatively light. The noodles are not the kind of chewy noodles.

Adding some chili to eat is also a good way!

Hakka soup slats are NT$50. This amount is impossible to see in Taipei. It feels more than soup.

Hakka noodle soup NT$50. The difference between pork head noodles and pork head noodles lies in the meat and eggs. Thinking of this, it’s worth NT$20 for the pork head noodles.

The side dishes I added later were kelp duck gizzards and small intestines. I almost couldn't finish it, but the small intestines weren't as good as the other side dishes.

While we were waiting, we had a table with other customers. The other party ordered a bowl of wonton noodles for NT$55. At the beginning, we saw him eating the noodles and drinking soup. The soup was drunk super fast. When he went to add the soup It suddenly dawned on him that when he took it back, it looked like a new bowl of wonton noodles. It was really full of wonton noodles.

Jinbang Noodle Restaurant

Address: No. 170-7, Zhongzheng Road, Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, 367

Phone: +88637873567


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