Food in Taipei,East District,Myeong dong restaurant-Time-honored Korean cuisine, friendly service and comfortable environment

In fact, there is a voice in my heart, telling myself not to write this article. It feels like I have disclosed the secrets I have kept privately.

At the beginning, I went to Myeongdong No.2 Hall, Lane 223, Zhongxiao East Road for dinner. It was almost a fixed restaurant where I met with friends. As long as the same group of friends asked for dinner, I would definitely come here. Later, the time for friends to get together became less, and some Reduce the number of visits to Myeongdong Hall II even in Taipei.
Although suddenly one day when I wanted to go to Myeongdong No. 2 Hall, I found that it was closed, but I was surprised. I didn’t know if the boss took a temporary break, but he switched to another place to operate. After all, Lane 223, Zhongxiao East Road is getting more and more difficult to operate. After a lot of changes, the shop rent does not seem to be lowered.

I was thinking about whether to go to the main building of Myeongdong Hall (Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station). Then one day, my friend posted a video to me, and found that the boss went back to the restaurant to run the restaurant, so he hurriedly called his friend to have dinner.

I heard from the boss that I had opened a restaurant in other places before, and later I came back when I felt that it was not suitable. I reorganized the environment of the store by the way, and I still feel familiar with the past. Mainly the boss!

In the early days, it was a restaurant where Korean celebrities would come to Taiwan. Koreans cannot lack Korean food. No matter which country they go to, they must be Korean food. Therefore, there are many celebrities’ signatures on the wall. There are also many Taiwanese celebrities. The wall of the second hall of the cave is also fully signed.

I don’t know if you have this kind of time. I often report to a certain restaurant. In addition to the food that meets your taste, the environment and people also treat you frequently. Coming here means you feel very comfortable and comfortable, not like going. Some shops are chased by the service staff, and the food may not be delicious even if you have to go to get angry.

The owner here is very kind and the service is very good. The food is very to my appetite. I won't say much about the other things. After all, this is too personal.

Hope you guys go but don’t take my place!



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