Unknown Food,Nantou Guoxing Township-Beishan Mitaimu and Tangyuan, a 70-year old restaurant


Before going to the campsite in Pulishan, Nantou, I saw a lot of people waiting and queuing in front of a shop on the road, almost surrounding the shop entrance. This is a place in the countryside or in the mountains. The sight of it was too unexpected.

But there is a very funny thing, because an elder friend of the same family lived in this mountain when he was young and was still attending school at the nearby Beishan Middle School, but they didn't even know this store? ? It's really dumbfounded.

I heard that it has been open for more than 70 years, and it specializes in handmade rice dumplings and glutinous rice balls, both of which are traditional Hakka style food.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, there were still people queuing, and I left in a helpless mood, because someone at the campsite had already prepared lunch. After eating here, I couldn’t eat it again. I wanted to leave the next day. Time to try the taste, but when I left the campsite, I was fed and left.

I can only look at it and sigh, I have no love for Hakka glutinous rice balls, but Mitai Mu is super attractive to me. It is the traditional Hakka taste, oh~No~

I don't know when I will go to the campsite of my family and friends again next time, so I have the opportunity to try the taste of this old store.

Maybe it was because I was a little regretful that I would remember it more! It is not easy to park around here, so it is best to find a good parking spot in advance and walk over.


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