Nantou Guoxing Township-Yumenguan, waterfalls and creeks are the symbol of summer

This time I was invited by my family and friends to camp in Puli, Nantou, and live in the hometown of Yiyo. The next day they also took us to the neighborhood by the way. This countryside in the mountains and forests is where they lived and grew up in the past, so they took us here Most people from the city came to introduce this place.
Yumen Pass is the first attraction. It takes less than 10 minutes to walk from the campsite to this place. It is very close. However, it is recommended to bring trekking poles or a stick with you. In addition to repelling snakes, it can also scare the dog. , The dogs in some houses nearby are very fierce!

This indicator is the real Yumen Pass. I heard that there is another indicator ahead but it is not the real Yumen Pass. You can only walk in here, and you cannot drive.

This Yumen Pass is a water play place for nearby villagers in summer, or in the early days, they can come to catch fish, but it is now under control, and there is a shortage of water recently, and it can be seen that the water is much less. .

There is a deep water pool inside, so you should pay attention to it. You know, otherwise you think that the water is good and it will pass. I heard that the previous waterfall was very good, but now there is no water, so we don't have to go down. It's a pity.

In fact, to be honest, if it is not brought here or introduced by someone you know, it is really an unpopular attraction, but it is more like a hidden version of the local attraction.

I can only hope that Taiwan will not be so short of water in the future, and there will still be a chance to see the scene here in the past, but even so, safety is still very important, and the government here has actually planned and sorted the roads, extending to the Chagua River below. The roads on the side are all well constructed, but there is not much publicity and sorting out yet, and they are still being restored.

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