Nantou Puli-Yi Yo's hometown, colorful double deck terrace camp, surrounded by atmospheric lights at night


This time I was invited by my family and friends to camp in their hometown of Puli, Nantou. They said it was a very special campsite. Let us look forward to it.

In recent years, there has been a camping trend in Taiwan. Whether it is common camping or luxury camping, it is a little far away from me, hahaha.

I don't have much camping experience. Actually, the number of camping is only a handful, probably no more than five times. There are a few times when I was a child, so I'm just a novice.

Camping is something that you want, worry and find troublesome!

Before the Yi Yo's hometown was reorganized, the most obvious change started from the gate. The colorful stones and colors make the entire camping area bright and lively, and more eye-catching.

I heard from the boss that I will continue to make some changes, and it will be different if I go again next time.

The whole camp is surrounded by plants, there are betel palm trees and olive trees. I can’t recognize more of them, haha.

This is the first time I saw this double deck terrace camping area. The top is a platform for tents. The bottom can be parked or used as a kitchen and living room. Each camp has a sink and socket for use. Remember to bring an extra power extension. line.

There is another parking lot below, so even if you use it under the terrace, you don’t have to worry about having no place to park your car.

Each camp is painted in a different color, and of course there is still a mark number. Don’t worry about finding the wrong location. I have looked at the photos of the camping area before, and each camp is very dark in color, like the wood is painted with protective paint. , Now it’s colorful, it should be very popular with children.

The only long building is the bathroom and toilet. The number is still quite large. There are separate men and women. Girls don’t go in and take pictures. There are many showers, so you don’t have to worry about waiting too long, but the basic facilities are a little bit. Not enough, you can improve it a bit, remember to bring your own toiletries!

The sink has a plug and a mirror, so you can bring your own hair dryer to use.

Do you have to prepare a lot of equipment every time you camp, and there are many atmosphere lights that people like. The night will not be so dark and there is a sense of atmosphere. You don't have to worry about this problem when you come here. Each camp site itself has its own atmosphere lights, flashing In different colors, you can turn it off if you feel too shining before going to bed. It won’t affect sleep!

When we went, the olive tree might have been in the ripening period, and the tree was very tall. As long as the wind blew, the olives on it would fall off easily, so be careful not to get hit.

I can see a little bit of stars at night. This time, an astronomy expert explained and brought a telescope. I saw the surface of the moon and the nebula. It felt super magical, but the highway in the distance still had the effect of light damage.

Another small drawback is that if people with poor sleep quality, or people who are not used to the call of insects, song and birds, they must wear earplugs to sleep, otherwise the chickens, ducks and geese nearby will call in the morning, plus other insects and birds. , Is simply a large symphony ensemble.

I don't know if they are chatting or fighting each other, maybe they are laughing at us humans, haha.

Overall, the experience is good. You can also visit the nearby Yumen Pass, Chonggua River, and Guangfu Palace. You can learn about the life and state of this small town, as well as some past history, and you can enjoy a relaxing and relaxing space. And status.


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