Travel in New Taipei City Attractions-ShueiNanDong Golden Waterfall


Maybe I didn’t get along well with the Golden Waterfall. The first time I went there, I took a bus from Jiufen. The weather was cold and rainy. The second time I came from the coastal road, it was still cloudy and gloomy and it was going to rain. I didn’t give me any gold at all. Shining style.
Because this is a mining area, the result of the combination of water and minerals, its beauty can be more revealed in the sun, otherwise it will look a bit deep.

There are not many parking spaces here. It is difficult to park on holidays and when the weather is good. The location is a ramp and it is not very spacious. Pay special attention. Many people come by bus. You can go up to the Gold Museum, Jinguashi, Jiufen, down to the Shuinandong refinery site and Yinyang Sea, so it is not recommended to simply visit the Golden Waterfall as a scenic spot, you can make a scenic tour, it will not be more monotonous, otherwise the golden waterfall will take photos and add Actually, it doesn’t take 5 minutes.

We are because after going to the Sandiaojiao Lighthouse, the easternmost point of Taiwan, we stopped wherever we wanted to stop on the way back when we drove back, a kind of casual travel.

Golden waterfall

Address: 224 Jinshui Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City


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