Travel in Taichung,Flower Expo Houli Forest Park, reopened and transformed into a large park


There are several venues at the Taichung World Flower Expo. One is near Houli Station, and the other is next to Houli Racecourse, which is close to Houli Station. A lantern festival will be held in 2020 and will be closed for reorganization. In the near future Reopen.
I only saw the video on TV during the Flower Expo. Actually, I have never been here. Only my dad has brought my grandfather and them here. So this time he suddenly thought that we are not far from here. Would you like to stop by and watch here? What happened to it, and it just so happened that it reopened, and I was full of expectations for it.

If you are navigating with Google Maps, you should pay attention to the location. It will let you take a road that is not open. It is recommended to search for Dashan Road as the location target.

At present, parking is still free, and there is no need to find a place to park outside.

If you hold too much expectation, you will feel very disappointed, and you will feel that this is the case after finishing? ?

The tree-lined waterfront may be due to the lack of water now. It is still dumbfounded to see a large piece of plastic cloth, and it is impossible to imagine what it looked like before.

Although the family of four has reservations, the family of four is still not allowed to visit it. I think it will be abandoned if it doesn't work.

On the contrary, the toilet looks more sensible. The toilet surrounded by big trees and plants looks environmentally friendly and original.

My dad was very disappointed to see the current appearance because he had visited the Flower Expo before. Those buildings in the past did not understand why they had to be demolished, instead of continuing to be displayed here, it can also be an attractive highlight. .

However, for the posterity, there can be a big park, where you can come in for sports or walk if there is nothing to do, and enjoy the green space is also a good place. Maybe it will be well organized after it is fully opened in the future!

Taichung Flower Expo Houli Forest Park


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