Travel in Taichung Houli-Taian Railway Cultural Park, the old mountain line of the western longitudinal line, designated as a county historic site

It was past four o’clock on Sunday afternoon. I finished the Taichung Flower Expo Houli Forest Park. I still don’t know where to go. I just opened Google Maps to find nearby attractions. The Tai’an Railway Cultural Park appeared, so go and take a look. ~ It's so casual.
The above business hours are still written until 5 pm, but fortunately I arrived at about 4:30. I didn’t think about shopping for too long, so just walk around for half an hour. It should be about the same, but I don’t know why it is open. time? It looks like an open attraction, which can be walked in 24 hours a day, and there is no train operating. What is it operating?

It was designated as a county monument by the Taichung City Government, and it has a history of nearly a hundred years, but it seems that the maintenance has not been done very well, which is a pity.

The Tai'an Railway Cultural Park is quite extensive. In addition to the old train station, there are also Firefly Ecological Park, Butterfly Ecological Park, Taichung County Earthquake Reconstruction Monument 1935, Sakura Forest, Tai'an Police Station, Tai'an Elementary School, Tai'an Lover's Tree, and Salix pine forest. .

It took a while to finish all the shopping. Because of time, I didn't go to other places. It was my goal to just visit the old train station in Tai'an.

This railway station master Xiong felt a bit lonely, it was covered with dust, and it was still guarding here silently!

The railway timetable of the past.

Going through the tunnel through this ticket gate, and up to the platform, there is no feeling of going back to the past to travel through time, haha.

For local residents, Tai'an Railway Station is a very important means of transportation for them, and it is a convenient way to connect to the outside, but now, the decline in population and other means of transportation have lost its role.

Taichung County Earthquake Rehabilitation Monument In 1935, this sad past was not in my time, and I also had an idea of escaping, and would not deliberately look at the recorded content.

If you like railways, you can come here to take pictures, or see different styles in different seasons.

Tai'an Railway Cultural Park


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