Food in Taipei,Songshan District,Cunzikou-Military Village Dishes, Braised Side Dishes, Noodles.


Temporary family members wanted to eat military village dishes, so they removed the Nancun xiaochi (Xiaokaiyue) that they used to eat before, and Luguang Snack Shop. Thinking of when they saw the introduction of the village, they decided to give it a try. We arrived early, and there were already a few tables of guests chatting and drinking happily before 6 o'clock in the evening.
And looking at the reception of the service staff and the boss, I feel that they are all old customers, and they almost regard this as their designated place for dinner. In fact, this is also very good. You can find a comfortable environment and you can eat, drink and chat.

The space in the store is actually not large. It is recommended to come early or call to make an appointment. They are all very traditional tables and seats. Walking in is like another world in the past.

As soon as you enter the door, you will find a cabinet of lo-mei side dishes. It seems that you can’t do without these cold dishes and lo-mei to eat military village dishes. It is also very suitable for wine and dishes. The cabinet is filled with various types of wine that guests have stored here. I really want to drink it secretly. !

There are drinks (immortal grass tea + winter melon tea) and soup at the door, which can be taken by yourself.

The menu is very simple. Many staff will tell you what stir-fries you have and whether you need to order it. The first time guests may have to ask more, otherwise they really don’t know how to order it.

I have never seen bitter gourd cooked with red dates. The bitter gourd has a bitter taste and the taste is braised. The faint sweetness comes out after the bitterness. In fact, there is no taste of red dates.

There are many photos of early soldiers or stars of that era on the wall. Basically, I don’t know who they are when I look at them. I have a sense of the gap between them. However, my parents understand that they will still show them from that era. Music as the background.

The lo-mei is of a standard, with all marinated in it. The pork skin and pig tail are delicious. It is full of collagen, and it tastes good without other sauces.

Pancake is also a kind of pasta that many people will order. There are more vegetables in it than the pancake. You think it is a plate of fried vegetables. The pancake is moist but soft and chewy.

The fried sauce in the noodles is very flavorful, it must be stirred well or it will be a bit salty, but the sauce is very fragrant. I haven't eaten a few bites, and it was all eaten by my mother alone. It's super exaggerated.

Dumplings are two kinds of stuffing, cabbage and leeks, unpretentious dumplings, very simple taste.

Stinky tofu is smelly. This is the first element of stinky tofu. If it is smelly, it will be scored first, and then it will be fried. The aroma of soy sauce chili covers the skin. It is a dish that goes well with wine.

The casserole looks like a lot of people order it, but we didn’t order it if we couldn’t eat it. We can try again if we have the opportunity. Many elders will meet here for a drink. I don’t know if they all live nearby or Those who came here on purpose, watching their familiar and natural movements, and communicating with the boss and clerk all felt like returning to their own territory.

Good food is one thing, and sometimes the environment is not so important. Some atmospheres cannot be created simply. Even if the decoration is good, it still cannot match the human touch.


Address: 105, No. 34, Alley 52, Lane 12, Section 3, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City 105

Phone: +886225796455


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