Food in Taipei,Nangang Station,Laocai Pan Fried Buns-a cheap choice in the global B1F delicious market.

Lao Cai Shuijianbao is everywhere, whether it is on the main road, in the lively area or in the station, you have the opportunity to see it.
But to be honest, if it is not necessary, it will not be my first choice.

It will always be the last option. I will only buy two when I am in a hurry or when I don’t know what to eat.Is it because it is not tasty? Or is it because the price is not cost-effective?

When Laocai Shuijianbao hadn't opened so many branches, I thought the early taste was okay, but later I felt it was so-so. The three flavors of Shuijianbao are all the same price at NT$16/piece. Fresh meat buns are more common. Yes, and then there are leeks and cabbage. After all, carnivores still have meat.

When eating fresh meat buns, pay attention to the gravy inside. It may be sprayed out, and it is actually quite oily. It is not very convenient to deal with it. If you eat 2 fresh meat buns, you will not want to eat it, and it feels too greasy.

Shuijianbao is easy to eat. You can simply stand and eat if you can’t find a seat, or get on the train in a hurry at the station, otherwise you will not be very hungry and satisfy your mouth addiction. Of course, it is the cheapest choice at the station .



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