Food in Taipei,Xinyi District-Mother Goose's Shop,Mother Goose Danzi Noodles, Smoked Goose and Salt Water Goose.

There is such a noodle shop, whether you go to Songshan Fengtian Temple to visit, or climb the Four Beast Mountain, you will just see its existence when you are hungry, Mother Goose Shop.
It is located at the crossroads, and you can see it on the way to Songshan Fengtian Temple from the bus stop. It is a noodle shop that has been open for a long time. It is the nearby residents or the Fengtian Temple to worship and climb the mountain, as long as the meal time comes, there are many people.

It is the traditional noodle stall style, a stall for cooking noodles, and a cabinet with smoked geese, salted water geese and lo-mei. Every time I see it, I miss the way I used to eat noodles at a roadside stall when I was young.

You can eat by yourself, but seeing a group of people sharing and eating together is very lively and kind.

We cut a front leg for about NT$460. The price of the goose is calculated as hg, NT$29/hg. The three of us ordered a front leg to be too much to eat, and we took it home. After all, there are some other side dishes and vegetables.

I ordered the salt water goose, but the salt water taste is not very balanced, some parts are heavy and some parts are good, the meat quality is not dry, and there is a little gravy reserved, and a little sauce can improve the freshness.

Dried flowers, dried tofu, and kelp all have a marinated taste at NT$60. Their marinated taste exceeded expectations. I did not expect too much. After all, this is a lucky one. The marinating time of many snack bars is not too frequent. , All have a taste only on the outside.

The large bowl of dried pasta is NT$55. The minced pork on the top is very sincere. You can see small pieces of meat. The amount of chopped green onion is also very satisfying. The sauce is just not too salty. The noodles are just cooked and chewy. Flexible, I think it tastes good.

The soup is NT$50. There are quite a lot of goose intestines and goose gizzards. Forgot to eat foie gras? The soup tastes very fresh, with a touch of ginger to balance it out.

Wonton soup NT$45.

Goose meat is the most expensive. Basically, that plate of goose meat can be used for other foods on this table, and it is more than NT$100. Even if you don’t order goose meat, you can eat and eat very well, but I don’t want to try it. It’s not justified to try goose meat. If you eat it yourself, you can order goose pasta/oil noodles/winter noodles/rice noodles. You don’t have to order as many as we can to taste.

If I pass by, I would like to sit down and eat a bowl of dried pasta, soup and side dishes, or I can simply solve a meal. I don’t know if you will have this idea. I occasionally think of this traditional noodle stall. A bowl of noodles, a little bit of black and white cut small vegetables, looking at the people coming and going on the street is very down to earth, humane.

Mother Goose Shop

Address: No. 179, Fude Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City 110

Phone: +886227269591


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