Food in Taipei,Sihai yuloong fude Store-a long-established potsticker chain specialty store, my favorite hot and sour soup in the past.

Ten or twenty years ago, Taiwan’s No. 1 brand of pot stickers, as long as you want to eat pot stickers, the first thing that comes to mind is to travel around the world. Nowadays, it doesn’t have the same scenery as it used to be, and it was rarely seen at one time. , I used to feel a pity. After all, its pot stickers were my memories back then. I was very satisfied with a plate of pot stickers and a bowl of hot and sour soup.
Now I suddenly discovered that it has sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, many branches, are you ready to counterattack this market? Is there any change in its taste, or does it retain the past to the present? Whether it can attract back former customers and new customers will be tested by the market.

In order to experience the taste of the dragon, stepping into its store, I still feel a little nervous~O(∩_∩)O haha~

The menu hasn't changed much, and it's basically similar to a certain powerful rising star. Basically, what you think of pot stickers is just those meals.

It's just an extra set of packages! It seems that it is not very cost-effective to say that it is cost-effective. The first feeling is that it is not cheap and I don't know why.

The new store door is not as rustic as it used to be. It is not green and monotonous everywhere, but it feels a bit low and not so bright and lively.

The first bite is not the pot stickers first, but the taste of the hot and sour soup, or not the hot and sour soup that I used to drink, um~ hard to say.

It tastes okay but I don’t have the touch of the past. I don’t know why, I feel a little disappointed. Is it because there are too many hot and sour soups that taste better than it?

The portion of the side dish is not too much, and it is finished after a few bites. The taste is average, and the cucumber is not tasty.

One of the main events, the signature pot stickers, appeared on the stage. At first glance, it didn't appeal to me. It looked a bit small and not very solid.

It’s not related to the previous taste, or I’ve really forgotten it for a long time. The flavoring of the filling is a bit greasy and I didn’t like it very much. I used to eat 20 of them and it was not a problem. Now I am a little bit reluctant to eat 10 of them, maybe not too big. It suits my taste.

Put it in the memory! Next time I want to step in and order a potsticker. I don’t know when, maybe it’s when I want to miss the past.


Sihai yuloong fude Store

Address: No. 241, Fude Street, Xinyi District, Taipei City

Phone: (02)2759-0668


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