Food in Taipei,Nangang Station,The Greenery-a light salad, a healthy meal?

Light salad is one of the foods I would never choose. It’s not that I don’t like to eat or be picky, but I still like hot food and meat most of the time, and the price of vegetable food is really not as good as meat food now. Cheap.
So every time you go to Nangang Station to take the high-speed rail, you will see The Greenery, which is conspicuously located. Basically, you just leave at a glance. No matter the price or the vegetable food, you are not interested.

The smell of food wafts from other stores. Here is completely fresh air. There are several light foods on the counter, such as croissants, panini, baguettes, wraps, sandwiches, and a wide variety of salads. .

There are at least 10 kinds of salads alone. Some of them contain a bit of meat, such as tuna, chicken, and beef, but most of them are based on vegetables.

The colors are very beautiful and colorful, and some combinations and collocations have not been seen before, and I can't imagine the taste of them.

Some salads have been seasoned and do not need to add additional sauces. The clerk will tell you after you choose the salad that some of the sauces are still healthy, and the calories are relatively low.

There are large, medium and small salad sizes to choose from. There is a box on the counter for your reference. Small salad NT$125 (two flavors optional), medium salad NT$150 (three flavors optional), large salad NT$175 (four flavors) The taste is optional).

If boys want to eat full, it is recommended to order at least the salad. Although the box will be filled, there are still a lot of gaps. After all, the vegetables are fluffy. This is the case when the amount is pressed. The salad I chose is itself There is no heavy seasoning, it is all from the sauce, but fortunately, the sauce is not greasy and it is refreshing, with a bit of sour and sweet, and it tastes quite smooth, but there is a salad of cauliflower in it, which may be put It takes a long time, the color becomes too dull, and it doesn't feel good to see it. The lettuce in the tuna salad is still filled with moisture and crispy texture, which will not be melancholy.

But next time I will buy it to eat again, it is unknown. If it weren't for someone in the same industry to buy it this time, I guess I don't know when I will wait for the first time!


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