ZhongGuakeng Creek Trail in Puli, Nantou, and take a trip to the countryside.

Except for going back to Grandpa Miaoli’s house, I have not been to any other country for a long time. Nantou Puli has been heard by everyone. It is the center of Taiwan. The nearby Sun Moon Lake is probably the most familiar attraction.

I'm the one who only knows the Sun Moon Lake and Xitou Forest Recreation Areas. If there are too many, I don't know anything. For Nantou, I have a black eye and an unfamiliar sense of strangeness. So this time I came to Nantou Puli to open up a new world.

As a kid who grew up in the city, I can’t say that I like country life or accept that kind of environment, but I’m not very repulsive. I can still enjoy it if I don’t stay for too long.

Before I came, I didn’t know how important this Gwakeng Creek was to the local area. Back then, whether it was the stream or the fish and shrimp in the water, they were an indispensable part of their lives. We only wanted to play in the water. Maybe they have to live on the stream.

However, the current Zhongguakeng Creek is being restored, and it is urgent to protect the ecological environment. Otherwise, if you continue to squander it unscrupulously, you will really lose sight of the creatures in this creek, and they will all be destroyed by humans.

It seems that the overgrown riverside is only temporary. I believe it will be completely different in a few years. The trails along the river are well constructed and paved. It’s hard to imagine that there will be a city like this. After all, the people here are now here. It's not a lot, and then there is a bit of a gap, such a good trail is built, but there is no scenery or maintenance, but it is understandable that it is now in the protection period.

However, you can walk up to Yumen Pass along the trail, or you can see many plants on the roadside that you can't see in Taipei, and the big banyan tree in Guangfu Palace below, which is very interesting and simple in appearance.

The whole journey takes only one and a half hours to two hours, and you can visit this small town. The slow pace of life is a topic that people in every city need to learn.

It can also soothe the mood and relieve stress in the forest.


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