After entering the society, the social circle is getting smaller and smaller?

From kindergarten to university, you may make a few friends in each period, and you may not continue the friendship until you grow up, but at least in each period you have the opportunity to make some sincere and innocent friends. There will be no benefit. Trouble, this one does not consider any small circle and the problem of being bullied by classmates, that is to a certain extent childish and still has no mature mentality, because sometimes it is not that the personality is suitable or not, it is purely for the thoughts at the time And psychological problems, otherwise, what kind of hatred can there be at that age? 

Normally, when you grow up, you will regret some stupid things you did in the past, but the past is already in the past. As long as you don’t repeat it later, when you think about it this way, you will be a little suspicious of yourself when you step into social work. Concept, a certain state of competition begins when you arrive at a company. In addition to the necessary cooperation, sometimes it is difficult to really interact with colleagues. Many of them are like strangers when you go to get off work and do not stab you on official business. One cut is good.

Then the people you can meet at the company every day are those who work 5 days a week or even longer. After get off work, you are half tired and just want to go home and sleep. At most, you can meet with friends for dinner occasionally, otherwise most of the time. What I want to do is rest. Maybe at the beginning I would like to meet with colleagues to cultivate relationships, but this is not possible for a long time. Everyone has their own life. Maybe the other party already has a family and needs to go back to accompany another partner. Children, can’t bother others all the time.

Over time, you have fewer and fewer opportunities to meet new people or get together with friends in the past. After all, everyone’s work status is different and making offers becomes more and more difficult. This is why all kinds of dating apps are available. So popular, it will never disappear, even in the more technologically advanced era, everyone is sliding around with their mobile phones, the connection between people is falling to the bottom, and slowly they will accept it. In this kind of life, it is not easy to find someone to talk to after returning home, and I feel very lonely and lonely.

Of course, you can say it is an excuse. After all, you are tired after get off work. After work, you don’t have the energy and energy to participate in activities. This is understandable. Everyone’s situation is different. You can’t judge another person, but you really want to expand your social life. Circle, get to know more friends or people from other industries, occasionally it is really necessary to spend some time to participate in activities and social interaction, or expand from colleagues and past friends, whichever method is suitable for you, you can It is really tiring to break the social circle that has shrunk after work.


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